Instant Feedback System FAQ

My account has been suspended


Why was I banned?

The League of Legends community is empowered to report players they believe have violated the Summoner's Code and consistently created a negative experience in games. Regardless of the circumstances, behaviors such as in-game taunting; harassment, offensive remarks, intentionally feeding, etc., will be reported by the community and if warranted punished by the Instant Feedback System.

How do punishments work?

Players who are found to be causing a negative game experience are then punished within 15 minutes of the game's end.

Milder offenses lead to <15 Day chat restrictions. Excessive negative behavior can result in a 365 Day chat restriction or Permanent Suspension–even without prior offenses.

But what if I reform? Is it possible to go down the escalation path?

Yes! Players who show consistent reform or show positive behavior in their games will help heal their account's reputation.

I think I skipped some penalties...

We have a zero-tolerance policy for extreme negative behavior as well as extremely offensive language and remarks made in game towards other players. Since it is a severe disregard for the Summoner’s Code this sort of behavior can result in skipping to a Two week or Permanent suspension. Suspensions of this degree based on negative behavior will not likely be reduced or removed.

What is a Penalty Notification and how can I see mine?

Your Penalty Notification will overtake the client when you first log in. For more information about in-client Penalty Notifications you can check out the In-Client Penalty Notification FAQ.

Common Questions

What can I do to improve or reform?

Adhering to the Summoner's Code in every game you play is the best way to enjoy League of Legends and create a positive experience for other Summoners in your game. If you do not respond to any negativity and only chat constructively in game, you will not be punished by the Instant Feedback System.

If you want more details on the positive behavior that every summoner should practice you can check out Behavior Worthy of a Champion

Should you encounter a particularly toxic player, remember that silence is a powerful tool. You can utilize the /mute and /ignore functions in game to avoid viewing further negativity. You can also make use of the Smart Ping feature for communication with the rest of your team.

Remember that you are fully responsible for all activity on your account, and if suspensions or bans are incurred, we will not be able to modify them.

Why was I punished when the other person was worse or started it?

Simply speaking, retaliation is not an acceptable or justifiable behavior. An argument between two players can easily create a negative experience for the rest of the players in the game with you. Regardless of the other player’s actions, this does not justify your own behavior. You alone are responsible for your actions within the game. If you encounter a toxic player like this, the best option is to simply report their behavior and move on.

Reports are a vital piece to the puzzle. If you are not sure of what sort of behavior is reportable take a look at the Reporting a Player FAQ

I was reported even though I did nothing wrong. Will I still be punished?

This is unlikely, as reports are only one piece of the puzzle. While they are important to bringing games to our attention the system still gauges the behavior in game before punishments are issued. Also, players who consistently make false reports against others diminishes the value of that player's report and renders them meaningless.

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