In-Client Penalty Notifications FAQ

With the Instant Feedback System in place, in-client Penalty Notifications are the standard way of receiving detailed information on why and what triggered a player's punishment. Pushing Penalty Notifications into the client ensures players receive the information they need to understand the punishment and change their behavior for the better.

What does an in-client Penalty Notification look like?

Your Penalty Notification will overtake the client when you first log in. It will have information about your punishment and an option to copy the text from the card.


Penalty Notification Tiers

Each tier of Penalty Notification comes with its own set of restrictions that increase in severity along with the offense.

Chat/Ranked Restriction

Chat/Ranked restricted players will see a Penalty Notification with an updated duration each time they log in.

2 Week Suspension

Players who have a 2 week suspension will likewise see their Penalty Notification each time they log in. Additionally, features like chat, gifting, and even the store are disabled until the 2 weeks are up.

Permanent Suspension

Players who are permanently suspended are able to log into the client, but they will only be able to interact with their Penalty Notification. Once they have viewed the Penalty Notification, they are automatically logged off.

What regions have in-client Penalty Notifications?

All Riot Regions globally have in-client Penalty Notifications.

Who will receive in-client Penalty Notifications?

Players who are currently chat-restricted, ranked-restricted, or suspended by the instant feedback system for intentional feeding or verbal toxicity will be able to log in to view their Penalty Notification.

How do I share my Penalty Notifications with friends or the community?

You can share Penalty Notifications with chat logs by pressing the Copy Text button in the card and pasting [ Windows: CTRL+V ][ Mac: COMMAND+V ] to where you would like them to be viewed.


The Copy Text button should change to Copied if you have successfully copied the Penalty Notification.

How do I see my current Penalty Notification again after clicking "I Understand"?

Your current Penalty Notification will be visible every time you log in for the duration of a punishment.

Can I view my previous suspension Penalty Notifications?

There is currently no way to view the previous suspension Penalty Notifications. If you want to save the contents of your current Penalty Notification to access in the future, use the Copy Text button during the punishment to save it on your computer.

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