Affiliate Product Test Guide (Star Guardian)

Star Guardian is all about teaming up and kickin' butt in the name of friendship and love. That's why we're giving you the ability to lend a hand to your creator of choice via Star Guardian Affiliate links! While we've answered a bunch of questions in our Affiliate Product Test Announcement, we want to make extra sure your support goes to the right spot, so read on and take notes!

When and where are affiliate links being offered?

As this is a brand new feature, we're limiting the initial release to a small set of regions and for a short time. That will give us the opportunity to iron out the kinks and build a more complete experience for future releases!

Locations - North America, Italy, Brazil, and Germany 
Start Date - July 14 @ 1:00 PM PT
End Date - August 9 @ 1:00 PM PT

Who is getting their own links? Can I get a link?

We go into this and a lot of other questions on our Affiliate Product Test Announcement page!

How to make a purchase from your creator of choice


Follow these steps to make sure your Star Guardian purchase helps out the right creator!

  1. Click the link provided by your creator to go to their Creator Collection page, which should have the header <CREATOR NAME>'S Collection
  2. Log in to the Riot Account where you would like your purchased content to go
  3. Select the content you'd like to purchase
  4. You'll see a confirmation window with a footnote reading "You'll be supporting <CREATOR NAME> with this purchase!". MAKE SURE THIS IS YOUR DESIRED CREATOR!
  5. Select Buy
  6. SUCCESS! Enjoy your content knowing you supported your favorite creator at the same time!

Confirm Your Creator!

Each creator will have a specific link, and you'll only be able to tell which creator you're really supporting by paying close attention to what's written in place of <CREATOR NAME> in the steps above. If it's not the creator you're trying to support, DON'T COMPLETE THE PURCHASE!

I can't find a link for the creator I want to support…

If a creator you'd like to support is in the affiliate product test, try looking in their profile on their platform of choice. If you still can't find anything, reach out! They'll appreciate the heads up.

Help! I bought the content for the wrong Riot Account, or from the wrong creator!

No worries! Just go check out our LoL Refund Policy, and we'll get you squared away in no time.

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