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Achievements have come to League of Legends! Finally, your 28-minute Elder Dragon steal can be immortalized forever in the halls of your Challenges profile. But who has the most Baron steals in your region? The most pentakills? If you’ve ever been curious to know who’s the best-of-the-best (and if it’s you), League of Legends Challenges are finally here to tell you! Not only that, but now you’ll be rewarded for pushing yourself and leveling-up your game like never before. Challenges launch in Patch 12.09 along with Titles, Tokens, and Challenge Leaderboards.

What are Challenges?

Challenges are a cost-free achievements system that lets players:

  • Chase fun and alternate objectives in and around gameplay
  • Be rewarded for time spent in League with unique and exciting content
  • Enhances and allows for customization of a your player profile and identity

You can see your list of available Challenges and progress when you visit your (in-client) Player Profile > Challenges tab!

league of legends support challenges page screenshot with numbered sections

1.) Your Challenges Crystal (and its tier)
2.) The Challenge Categories (and your progress within each)
3.) The Group Capstone (You must take on the Challenges within a group to level up its Capstone)
4.) The name of the Challenges Group
5.) How many Challenge Points you’ve earned from this Challenge
6.) A Challenge Card Tool Tip
7.) How many Challenges of the various Tiers you’ve earned

What are the Challenge Categories?

There are five categories of Challenges:

1. Expertise: Challenges focused on skillfully crushing your opponents

Ex. Death Incarnate: Takedown 12 champions within 15 minutes

2. Teamwork & Strategy: Challenges focused on working together with your team to dominate the Rift

Ex. Team Diff: Score aces between minion spawn and 15 minutes

3. Imagination: Challenges focused on different game modes and innovative plays

Ex. Bad Medicine: Kill enemies recently healed by a heal pack in ARAM

4. Veterancy: Challenges focused on big lifetime numbers in kills, gold earned, and other stats

Ex. Multi-Weapon Master: Win Summoner’s Rift games with different Mythic Items

5. Collection: Challenges focused on collecting cosmetics and engaging with loot

Ex. Spice of Life: Obtain Champions

There are also Legacy Challenges , which are time-limited Challenges to commemorate season-based accomplishments and past achievements others can no longer obtain. They don't contribute to your overall progress, nor can you level up Legacy as a category.

What are Challenge Points?

Challenge Points are points you accumulate from completing individual objectives on a Challenge Card. Challenges Points are added to your total Category points, which contribute to your Crystal rank and Challenge-group Capstones. Keep clearing Challenges to level up your Crystal!

What are Challenge Cards?

challenge card with numbered parts

Front and center to every challenge is its Token (1), a unique icon that represents that Challenge, as well as its current tier. Below the Token is the challenge's name (2 - "Gets The Wurm"), and below that is its criteria (3 - “Take Barons before 21 minutes”).

The upper left-hand corner (4) shows you how many points a challenge is contributing toward your overall Challenges score. The upper right-hand corner (5) shows you which modes a challenge can be earned in.

Finally, the bottom of the card (6) shows the next major reward you'll receive for leveling the challenge up to a given tier. In this example, you'll earn the title “Early Bird” once you hit Gold.

What are Challenge Card Tiers?

Clearing Challenges doesn’t stop at one-and-done! You’ll have to clear the same Challenge many times to level it from Unranked to Challenger. You can see how many Challenges of each tier you’ve collected in the upper right of your Challenges screen.

Players who reach the Apex level rank of Master in their Challenges can choose to compete for the chance to be added to their Regional Grandmaster and Challenger Leaderboards. To be on the Grandmaster or Challenger tier Leaderboard, you need to both clear the Challenge a certain number of times AND be in the top percentage of players in the region.

The real head-to-head fight starts after you achieve Master tier for an individual Challenge.

To reach Grandmaster, you must be in the Top 25% of players who have also achieved Master and be above the Grandmaster threshold.

To reach Challenger, you must be in the Top 5% of players who have also achieved Master and be above the Challenger threshold.

Ladders are recalculated every 24 hours.

Which Challenges count retroactively (prior to Patch 12.09)?

Challenges that track in-game stats, like minion kills and flame horizons, will only begin recording progress after Challenges are released in patch 12.09. But many Challenges track progress retroactively, including:

  • Challenges that track champion mastery
  • All challenges in the Collection category
  • Certain non-seasonal legacy challenges

What are Capstones?

Challenge Cards all build up to their group’s “Capstone” Challenge. You can only fully master a Capstone Challenge by completing all the other Challenges within its group. Gotta walk before you can run!

What do I get for completing Challenges?

What are Titles?

Titles are a reward for completing Challenges and Challenge Capstones. Titles appear in your profile, lobby and loading screen.

What are Tokens?

Tokens are rewards for completing a Challenge. You can select up to 3 to display on your Party Lobby Banner, and on your identity page, profile, lobby, and loading screens.

These images are shown in the middle of each Challenge Card. They can rank up and the Token changes color to correspond to tier.

loading screen with tokens and titles showing

What are Crystals?

Finally, the Crystal. The Crystal is what it’s all about! When you add up all the Challenge Points, Capstones, and Categories together you get the piece de resistance: your Crystal rank! This is what displays on your profile and summarizes your overall Challenges mastery to whoever visits, ranked from Unranked to Challenger. Your Crystal rank will display on your profile border, lobby and loading screen.

How do I use my Titles and Tokens?

Equip your Title and Tokens where you change your Summoner Icon!

Click your Summoner Icon in the upper right hand corner of your Client. You’ll see new tabs for Tokens and Titles beneath the “Customize Identity” headline.

lobby showing player banner with 3 tokens and unique title

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