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ocean-song-showcase-splash.pngWelcome to the Show, Summoner! Showcase, that is. But what is a Showcase? How long do they last? And what the heck is a Showcase Milestone? 

We have the answers to all these questions and more!

The Show(case) Must Go On!

Note that we'll be using examples from both the Eclipse Knights Showcase and the Ocean Song Showcase. Always check in the League client for accurate content, pricing, and dates when it comes to the latest Showcase!

Showcase FAQs


What is a Showcase?

“Skin Showcases” have been around for a while but without much formality or regularity between them. All of that changes now! Showcases are approximately 3–4 week long promotions within a single theme and feature new champion skins and accessories to match. They are also accompanied by a number of Showcase missions and rewards.

How long are Showcases?

3 weeks minimum, but as long as 2 full Patches (~4 weeks). Always check your client for the final timing and most accurate information.

What are Showcase Capsules?

“Showcase Capsules” are exclusive Loot Capsules available for purchase (750 RP) only during Showcases. Each Capsule contains 3 random skin shards and has a chance to contain a Grab Bag with additional skin shards.


Examples of an Eclipse Knights Capsule (left) and an Ocean Song Capsule (right)

What are Showcase Milestones?

Showcase Milestones are one of the two types of Loot Milestones achievable in League. Loot Milestones are a progression and bonus rewards system that launched in Patch 12.07. Simply put, players now receive additional rewards and loot for opening multiple Masterwork Chests and multiple Showcase Capsules.


Showcase Milestone rewards are Click-to-Claim and cannot be claimed after the Showcase Milestone has expired, so claim rewards as soon as they are ready!

We have an entire dedicated FAQ for Loot Milestones (including Masterwork Milestones) where you can learn more.

Read the Loot Milestones FAQ

What are Showcase Missions?

Before we go into the details, just a quick note that not all Showcases have missions! If that's the case, your only objective is to grace the Rift with your stylish new look.

Showcase Missions are missions, not unlike Event Missions, that accompany some Showcases. Missions can be viewed in the Panel below your friends list in the client. They look something like this:


Example: Eclipse Knights Mission Reward
“O brave knight seek our lightless champions Embrace the Eclipse” 200 Orange Essence


Different Showcases and their missions will vary, so ALWAYS check your client for the most accurate Mission completion information. Some will require clearing a few missions to unlock more, some must be completed in order one at a time.

Here's an example of a mission track from the Ocean Song Showcase:

Ocean Song Mission Objective Reward

Jam Session - 1 of 5
(Matchmade games only)

Play 1 game in a Premade Group
Earn 500 points from playing or winning games

150 Blue Essence

Man the Merch Table - 2 of 5
(Matchmade games only)

Earn 15,000 Gold
Earn 500 points from playing or winning games

350 Blue Essence

Good Vibes Only! - 3 of 5
(Matchmade games only)

Earn 40 Crow Control Score
Earn 750 points from playing or winning games

1 Mystery Emote Permanent

Music Therapy - 4 of 5

(Matchmade games only)

Heal 10,000 Health
Earn 750 points from playing or winning games

1 Hextech Key

Beach Cleanup - 5 of 5
(Matchmade games only)

As a team, slay 5 Epic Monsters
Earn 750 points from playing or winning games

1 Hextech Chest


What’s included in a Showcase?

Showcases will feature not only new champion skins in that Showcase theme, but also Showcase Milestone rewards in the form of accessories, emotes, and Mythic Essence. There will also be Grab Bags, chromas, and bundles available for purchase. 

Showcase Skins


The Ocean Song Showcase content looks a little something like this:

Example: Ocean Song Showcase (Patch 12.11)

Content Price

Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine + Icon

125 ME

Ocean Song Seraphine

1350 RP

Ocean Song Nidalee

1350 RP

Ocean Song Ashe

1350 RP

Ocean Song Yone

1350 RP

Ocean Song Zeri

1350 RP

Bundles & Chroma Sets

Example: Eclipse Knights Skin & Chroma Bundles

All individual Chromas can be purchased for 290 RP, but for the first time, we’re bundling Champions, Skins, and Chromas all together!

Here’s an old example of what we offered with Eclipse Knights to give you an idea of what other Showcases will contain going forward:

  • Solar Eclipse Sivir Skin and Chroma Set (Champion, Solar Eclipse Sivir Skin, Ruby, Catseye, Tanzanite, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Obsidian) - 3165 RP
  • Sun-Eater Kayle Skin and Chroma Set (Champion, Sun-Eater Kayle Skin, Ruby, Catseye, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Pearl, Obsidian) - 2925 RP
  • Lunar Eclipse Senna Skin and Chroma Set (Champion, Lunar Eclipse Senna Skin, Ruby, Citrine, Emerald, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Rose Quartz, Pearl, Turquoise) - 3282 RP
  • Lunar Eclipse Aatrox Skin and Chroma Set (Champion, Lunar Eclipse Aatrox Skin, Ruby, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Catseye, Tanzanite, Turquoise, Obsidian, Pearl) - 3235 RP
  • Solar Eclipse Sejuani Skin and Chroma Set (Champion, Solar Eclipse Sejuani Skin, Ruby, Citrine, Emerald, Aquamarine, Tanzanite) - 3235 RP

Discounts are automatically applied should you own any or all of the Bundle Champions.

Showcase Milestone Rewards

The current Showcase Milestone rewards can be viewed in the Loot Tab of your League Client by simply selecting the Showcase Capsule (under Materials).


Milestone Notes

The Random Skin Permanents and Random Champion Permanents will draw from the champion pool for the featured Showcase. We recommend using the Champion Permanents BEFORE using your Random Skin Permanents, as this will help prevent you from getting duplicate skins for as-of-yet unowned champions in the current Showcase.

Showcase Milestone
(Capsules Opened)


Exclusive Icon


Exclusive Emote + Random Champion Permanent + 5 Mythic Essence


Random 1350 Skin Permanent + Random Champion Permanent + 15 Mythic Essence


Random 1350 Skin Permanent + Random Champion Permanent + 20 Mythic Essence


Random 1350 Skin Permanent + Random Champion Permanent + 25 Mythic Essence


Random 1350 Skin Permanent + 1 Grab Bag + 30 Mythic Essence


2 Grab Bags + 30 Mythic Essence


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