Amazon Prime Gaming Loot FAQ

Prime Gaming Partnership Ending

Final Prime/Riot Games capsules will be available February—March 2024. After that, this promotion will be discontinued.

We've partnered with Amazon to provide extra in-game loot to Amazon Prime members! But while the items are free, there are a few steps you'll have to take to get them. 

Before we get into details, a quick note: You must have Amazon Prime to receive Amazon Prime loot! Claimed loot will remain yours even if your Prime subscription lapses, but you'll need to be a Prime member to get it in the first place.

Connecting Your Riot Account to Your Amazon Account

We can't deliver your Amazon Prime Gaming loot until we know where to send it! Thankfully, the process is super simple:

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming Website for each of the games you want to receive Prime content for:
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts, which will direct you to log in using your preferred Riot account.*

*Connect the Right Account!

Each piece of Prime Gaming loot can only be claimed once, and redeemed loot cannot be transferred. Make sure you choose the right account!

How do I claim my Prime Gaming content?

Just drop onto the Prime Gaming website and select the game of your choice, then follow the prompts to log in and redeem your Prime Gaming loot!

If you already know which game you're looking for, try these direct links:

Note that sometimes we have special offers that cover multiple games or titles not listed above, so it pays to browse the main page when we're holding special events.

I claimed the loot, but I can't find it in my game…

For games you've already been playing, the loot should be waiting for you once you log in. If it's not, try logging back in. Please note that sometimes loot can take up to two hours to reach your account, so simply waiting will fix the issue in most cases.

If you're brand new to a game, however, you may have to complete some basic requirements to access your loot. The best way to find out is to go to the redemption page for the game in question (which are listed under How do I claim my Prime Gaming content? below), and look for "How do I get my content?" under the Frequently Asked Questions section.

How often is Prime Gaming content released?

Many of our games offer new Prime loot every month, but not all of them. Your best bet is to drop into the Prime Gaming website once or twice a month to see what's available.

Changing Your Linked Riot Account

If you want to change which Riot Account will receive your as-of-yet-unclaimed Prime Gaming loot, just drop into the Prime Gaming page for any of our titles (linked under How do I claim my Prime Gaming content? above), then look for "I accidentally linked the wrong Riot account to my Amazon account. What do I do?" under the Frequently Asked Questions section. You'll then be directed to log into your preferred account, which will receive any loot you claim after that moment.

Note that claimed content cannot be swapped to another account, and content from a single Amazon Prime account can only be redeemed once—no double dipping for multiple Riot accounts! Likewise, a Riot account can only receive each Prime Gaming offering one time, no matter how many Amazon Prime accounts you may have.

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