Mission Objective Points and Progression



Mission points and progression have changed in Patch 11.24!

Introducing Mission Objective Points

Objective Points are our new unit of measurement when it comes to progressing through the various in-game event missions. It scales off of time spent playing matchmade games and not simply “play 3 games.”  

The Background

Traditionally, Missions have had either specific objectives—like "place 3 wards"—or general objectives which are meant to let players make event progress simply by playing a game of League or Teamfight Tactics. Missions often rely on a mix of specific and general objectives to always keep players moving forward through the event, even passively.

But Patch 11.24 brings sweeping changes to the way we handle general mission objectives (the passive kind). To ensure that we better respect and value a player's time investment in League and TFT, we've developed a standard format for more time-based progress called "Objective Points." 

Tl;dr : You'll get Objective Points based on how long you're in a game and get more points if you win.

This change does not mean missions will be harder to complete and clear. In fact, it'll probably be easier for most players.

ARAM, Event Modes, Co-Op vs AI, and TFT

The following changes will also take effect:

  • ARAM and Event Modes will now grant as many Objective Points per minute played as PvP Summoner’s Rift games. This includes rotating game modes like URF, One-for-All, and Ultimate Spellbook.
  • TFT games grant about as many Objective Points as PvP LoL games. TFT games will grant 3 points per minute played, or 6 points per minute played if you place in the top 4. If you want to maximize your earnings, you'll have to win! (We've also added TFT AFK checks for League event missions.)

  • TFT Hyper Roll and Double Up are now eligible for League mission progress at the same rate as other TFT game modes.

  • Co-op Vs AI games will now grant 33% as many Objective Points as PvP LoL games, granting 1 Objective Point per minute played, or 2 Objective Points per minute for wins. These still don’t count toward the Token Bank repeating mission. 

The Math

Here's the new math:

Game Mode Points/Min. Played Points/Min. Played (Wins)
Summoner's Rift (PvP) 4 points 6 points
ARAM 4 points 6 points
Event Game Modes 4 points 6 points
All TFT Modes 3 points (5th-8th place) 6 points (1st-4th place)
Summoner's Rift (Co-op vs. AI) 1 point 2 points

For example: For a 30 minute SR, PvP game that ends in a loss, a player will earn 120 Objective Points. For winning that same game, a player will earn 180 Objective Points. 

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