Guide for Returning Players

Whether you've been AFK for a patch or a decade, catching up on all of League of Legends' changes can be a challenge. Strange plants sprouting all over the jungle, a huge face-lift for Runes, and a total item rework…  Even your favorite champ might have changed!

That's why we've compiled a quick primer to address your most burning questions and help you hit your lane running! 

What's New?

If you haven't been gone long, take a look at our 2021, 2020, and 2019 start-of-season guides to get an overview of League's latest additions.

If your last login was more than a few years ago, don't worry! Hop onto the League Game Updates page, where you can sort by patch notes, champion releases, and more.

Seasons and Patches Match the Year!

Not sure which patch to look for? Just check the last year you remember! League's annual gameplay Seasons and patch versions align with calendar years. If you last played League 5 years ago, that's 2016, Season 6, Patch 6.0. We're just about to head into Season 12 in January 2022 with Patch 12.01!

Recovering Your Account

Used to have an account, but now you have no idea how to get back in? Don't sweat it! You'll be able to recover your account even if you've forgotten the username, password, or both! Just click the link in the last sentence to get started.

There is, however, one exception: DELETED ACCOUNTS CANNOT BE RESTORED. If you previously deleted your account, then we encourage you to take advantage of your clean slate and dive back in with a new account.

My summoner name changed! What happened?!

Once you've been absent for a certain period of time, your summoner name becomes available for other players. This allows us to keep name options fresh for our new players

Downloading and Playing

Once you're ready to hit the Rift, all you'll need to do is download the game and log in!

If you're still having issues after downloading the client, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before delving into our troubleshooting resources:

STILL not able to resolve your issue? Try searching directly on our Support Site, and if that doesn't work, send us a ticket!

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