Riot Mobile Features

What is Riot Mobile?

Ever since we put the "s" in "Riot Games," we've been looking for more ways to help players stay connected across multiple titles—, even on the go. With Riot Mobile, you'll be able to chat with friends regardless of what game they're playing or where they live, receive hot-off-the-press news about the Riot products of your choice, tune in to all the latest esports mayhem, and more.


Pro interviews, patch notes, champion showcases… For every huge play you make in-game, there's just as much happening outside of it.

The News section can be custom-tailored to contain exactly the kind of information you want, including announcements, community content, dev posts, and esports selected on a game-by-game basis. Go into Settings to create your perfect newsreel.


Customize your feed with your favorite leagues, then tune in live for Esports drops or catch up on VODs of recent matches at your own pace.

We've turned off spoilers by default, but if a little forbidden knowledge doesn't scare you, you can turn them back on in Settings under Esports.


Watch featured streamers from the League Partner Program, with hidden gems supplemented from the directory. Today the capability supports Twitch streams, but we’ll expand to support other streaming services (such as AfreecaTV) in the future.  


Check out what Riot games your friends are playing, start or continue conversations, and manage friend requests no matter where you are.

Wish the list were organized a bit differently or want to hide explicit language? Just go to Settings to customize your experience.


While the rest of Riot Mobile is geared towards interacting with other players, the Profile section is all about you.


Let friends know what games you're interested in playing, give them a snapshot of your current mindset, or create an ASCII fever dream to confuse and delight.

…Or don't! We're not your dad.

Match History

Riot Mobile offers a snapshot of your recent activity, including some of your favorite picks and your overall Ranked progress in each game.

Data is refreshed intermittently, so don't sweat it if your latest triumph isn't captured there yet—it's only a matter of time.


You can customize your Riot Mobile experience by first tapping Profile in the bottom right, followed by Settings in the top right.

  • Social - Choose how your Friend List will display and adjust chat options
  • Esports - Verify you're set up to receive Esports Drops and toggle whether you're comfortable with spoilers
  • Notifications - Toggle what kind of notifications you want to receive
  • Language - Set your language
  • Legal - See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • Help & Feedback - Report bugs, submit feedback, or leave a review specifically about Riot Mobile
  • Delete Account - Start the process of deleting your Riot Account
  • Sign Out - Log out of the current Riot Account

Technical Help

If you'd like to change your Riot ID, check your personal information, or see what other services are connected to your account, you'll have to manage your Riot Account from a browser.

We can also help you out if you've forgotten your username or password.

For technical issues, check out Riot Mobile - Technical Help.

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