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Word on the street is that League+ is upgrading to Riot Mobile. While some of you are familiar enough with League+ to understand what this means, others may be asking...

What is Riot Mobile?

Ever since we put the "s" in "Riot Games," we've been looking for more ways to help players stay connected across multiple titles, even on the go. With Riot Mobile, you'll be able to chat with friends regardless of what game they're playing or where they live, receive the latest news about the Riot products of your choice, tune in the latest esports mayhem, and more!

Thanks, but I'm only really interested in League/TFT/insert-other-Riot-game-here…

No problem! In fact, Riot Mobile gives you the ability to curate the content you receive, whether that means creating a laser focus on League's latest, exploring TFT's new set, tuning in to VALORANT's latest episode, or just seeing what other Arcane magic we're brewing up!

Awesome! How do I get Riot Mobile?

Just drop into the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for Riot Mobile (or click the previous links!), then download it like you would any other app and log in with your Riot Account credentials.

Already Have League+?

If you have automatic updates enabled, the app will automatically transform into Riot Mobile like a beautiful butterfly emerging from its cocoon

Will I be able to earn esports rewards/drops through Riot Mobile?

Absolutely! Riot Mobile is all about staying connected to your favorite games on the go, and that includes esports. Just make sure you log in with the right account to earn your rewards!

Wait—where's my match history?

Ah, a League+ connoisseur! Welcome!

Creating an app that would connect all of our titles took a bit of tech wizardry, and the League of Legends match history ended up getting lost in the shuffle.

HOWEVER! We recognize how important this feature is, so expect it's triumphant return soon!

How about feature X/Y/Z?

We're glad you're as excited about the future of Riot Mobile as we are, and we're happy to share that many of your most-requested features are on the way. This includes things like editing your profile, adjusting your online status, and plenty more, so keep an eye on the Riot Mobile patch notes to see the latest additions!

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