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As you might have heard, we're rolling out a new Riot Client to make it easier for you to jump into all of Riot's PC offerings from a single place! Of course, with new software comes new questions, and with new questions, new answers!

What is the Riot Client?

The Riot Client is a central hub from which you can quickly download/install/play/peruse Riot's PC library. In fact, you've already been using the Riot Client each time you log in to one of our games! The only difference now is you'll be able to enter your login credentials just one time to get the client started, then you can hop between games without additional logins. Ezpz!

Will this be replacing the clients for League/VALORANT/TFT/etc?

Nope! Each game-specific client will remain unchanged.

Will I be able to use my old desktop shortcuts?

Absolutely! All your current shortcuts will still bring you straight into the game just like they did before, so you don't have to change a thing. You’ll also have the option to use the new Riot Client shortcut as well.

I don't really play X/Y/Z games—do I have to get the Riot Client?

Don't you see, TeemoSupremo93? The new client was inside of you all along!

Really, though—rather than totally new software, this is actually an upgrade to the client you already use to log into Riot games. So you won't have to install anything new, but you will have the option of using the Riot Client as a one-stop shop for all our titles. Emphasis on "option"—you can still launch all your old games directly from the desktop icon, so if you only play one Riot game, your experience will remain almost unchanged.

The same is true of downloading individual games! You can go grab a single installer without worrying about extra steps to install the client, as it's already part of all of our titles.

How much hard drive space does the Riot Client require?

Almost the same amount of space our other game launchers take today! As we mentioned above, you've already been using a stripped down form of the client whenever you install or launch one of our games. The only difference now is logging in once will set you up to play all of our games instead of just one.

Is Vanguard included with the Riot Client?

Vanguard, Riot's anti-cheat software, is only added to your computer when you install one of our games that requires it—like VALORANT or League of Legends. As such, it is not part of the default Riot Client.

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