How to Mute and Block Players

Whether you’re in voice chat with your friends, or queueing with randos, you’ve probably learned that good communication can make or break a game of League. When things are going well, and the synergy is high, talking to your teammates—even your opponents—can be fun for everyone.

Sadly, not every player is a shining example of productive communication and behavior on the Rift. For those tough times when you’re tired of fending off another player’s trolling or toxicity, you can choose to mute or block them.

Muting vs blocking: What’s the difference?

Muting is an action that takes place in-game only and lasts until the game ends, or until you choose to turn it off. When you mute a player while in-game, their team chat and all chat messages are hidden from you, but they can still interact with you (send invites, friend requests, and private messages) after the game ends. Please note that muted players are not automatically blocked, but blocked players are automatically muted.

Blocking takes muting a step further. When you block a player:

  • You can't see their chats during champion select, in-game, or in lobbies
  • They can't send you friend requests, invites, or private messages
  • They’re removed from your friends list
  • You’ll be notified if you're paired up with them in a future game 

How to mute a player

Option 1:

While in-game, type /mute <player name> to mute all their emotes, pings, and chats for the duration of the match.

You also have the option to /ignore a player (AKA super mute them) for the current game and future matches using /ignore <player name>.

Option 2:

  1.       While in-game, hold or press the [TAB] key to reveal the match scoreboard
  2.       To the far right, past the player’s inventory slots, are three icons which allow you to individually mute their emotes, pings, or mute all


You can also hover over a player's name while in Champion Select to mute them immediately.


You can find the three, individual mute types next to the player's inventory in the match scoreboard.

Muting is a good option for when another player’s pings, emotes, or chats are mildly annoying, but you still want to make an effort to keep communication open anyway. We all know what a ping-happy teammate sounds like! Go here for more guidance on muting Allied and All Chat across games.

Muting can be a quick way to reduce stress and preemptively shut down conflict for yourself and your teammates. Unfortunately, some situations escalate beyond your comfort levels and the additional step to block must be taken.

How to block a player

From your friends list:

If the offending player is currently on your friends list, you can block them quickly by right clicking their name and selecting “Block” from the menu.

From your match history:

  1.       Visit your player Profile within the League client
  2.       Click into your personal Match History
  3.       Click the game you played with the player you wish to block
  4.       Right click their name and select “Block” from the menu

From the Client Block List:

  1. Click the Settings Gear in the upper right corner of your League client
  2. From the left-side menu, click into the Block List
  3. Search for the player’s name in the search bar and press “Block”

There are many valid reasons for blocking a player, including some that might exist for you IRL. Whether you choose to mute or block, you are supported in taking any steps necessary to create a safe and fun game on the Rift.

If you feel compelled to block someone, consider if their actions should be reported so that any unacceptable behaviors may be reviewed by our disciplinary committee. Reporting these events only serves to improve the experience of the entire League community.   


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