European Law Enforcement Info Request Guidelines


These guidelines only apply to law enforcement officials who are seeking information from Riot Games Europe regarding Riot Games accounts. Players interested in requesting their own account's data should go here.

Please be aware that impersonating an officer of the law is a crime in most countries. Inquiries sent by non-law enforcement officials will be ignored and possibly reported to a local law enforcement agency.

For more information on our policies regarding protecting your data and privacy, check our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

What is Riot Games?

Riot Games is a US-based video game company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Our European headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. 

We are best known for League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game that supports multiple international eSports Leagues that culminate in a World Championship every year. We also have several other titles and more on the way.

You can learn about our mission on our Who We Are page, or check the locations of our various offices in our Privacy Notice

European Legal Process Requests

All legal requests concerning European players should be submitted through Riot Games' official legal correspondence email at, and our physical address at:

Riot Games Ltd.
Attn: Legal Department
PO Box 11989
Dublin 2

To help facilitate the process on our side, we kindly ask that all requests are sent in English or are accompanied by an English translation. While we'll do our best to attend to requests made in other languages, submitting in English will always result in the quickest response.

To further expedite the process, we suggest including all the information on the given account you have, including: emails, nicknames, purchase information such as card numbers or transaction identifiers.

Not in Europe?

Law enforcement agents outside of Europe should refer to the Contact Us section in our Privacy Notice.

Emergency Disclosure Requests (EDR)

We evaluate all EDRs on a case-by-case basis in compliance with relevant law and policies. 

If there is an emergency involving imminent danger or serious physical injury, please contact us at with “EDR” or “Emergency Request” in the subject line, along with the nature of the emergency. 

There is no limitation to the datasets that can be requested in EDRs.

Data Retention Policy

Riot Games collects most of its information in three ways:

  • Data provided directly by players
  • Data recorded automatically in and out of games
  • Data received from third parties

The specifics of the information we collect depends on how each player interacts with our products, as we don't directly require information from players outside of sign-up and purchases.

We generally retain information as long as an account is active, though some data is only stored partially or for a short time. Once an account is deleted, any information required for providing service to that player is also deleted.

We do accept and review preservation requests at the same email as mentioned above, for which we may preserve data for up to six months.

For specific information about the data we collect and how it is stored and retained, please take a look at our Privacy Notice.

Request Limitations

Due to limitations on the information we store and provide, requests that encompass a large scope of data or numerous players may only be partially fulfilled, or not at all.


How can players request and review their own data?

Anybody with a Riot Account can go to our Requesting Your Account Data page to get their account data.


Do you have any policy on disclosing information to other family members or other next of kin?

No we do not. The only instance in which a player’s information can be disclosed or controlled by another person is when they are underage. Check here for more details: Parental Approval Information for Parents.


How much does it cost to issue an account data request?

Nothing—we process requests totally free of charge.

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