Worlds 2020 - Esports Drops FAQ

There's something truly special about Worlds Season. Watching your favorite teams battle it out in the Rift and wondering who will claim this year's trophy is the centerpiece, but it's getting to see you, the players and fans, cheering them on that really makes this our favorite time of year. That's why we want to give you the chance to get in on the prize-winning action.

You can learn all about what's coming to League of Legends in honor of Worlds, including the Pick'em and Watch missions, over in our full event article. However, we wanted to take a chance to dive a little deeper into what watching Worlds can grant you. Be sure to check out the full in-depth article on LoL Esports, as well.


What is a drop, and how do I get it?

Drops are the prizes! When certain key moments happen during a Worlds match, anyone tuning in live has a shot at getting a reward. Sponsored by Mastercard, Oppo, State Farm, Spotify and us (Riot, that is), we've worked together to prepare some goodies... provided the right conditions are met!

You can earn drops by tuning into the Worlds Matches through our official League of Legends Esports site. Head over here, and simply log in and start watching to start earning!

So, when do drops happen?

You know those moments when you're watching a match, and something happens? We're talking something like getting the third Ace of the game or bagging a clutch Baron. Some of the key moments might even be unexpected (say, if something totally meme-worthy happens). The point is that if you're watching, you're in the running to be rewarded for whatever shakes up the match.

Not that we want to spoil anything, of course, but we definitely encourage everyone to check out the Mastercard Opening Ceremony. You know, for rewards reasons.

What sorts of drops are there, anyway?

Aside from the 10-Year Anniversary Capsules (which you can learn more about down below), you can get all sorts of things! We're talking emotes, Blue Essence, Icons, and more. Definitely head over to to learn more.

Worlds 10-Year Anniversary Capsule

We want to celebrate a whole decade of amazing esports. From clutch plays to come-from-behind victories, this is a celebration of all things esports. Enter the 10-Year Anniversary Esports Capsule. While you can earn a 10-Year Anniversary Capsule over on the main site, you can also earn this special reward by watching a live match on the League of Legends' official stream via YouTube by linking your accounts (you can learn how here). Keep in mind, this YouTube drop will only happen one time, so be sure to tune in to claim it once during Worlds.

Don’t worry about doubling up. You won’t receive repeat rewards (and you won’t need a Hextech Key!)

Reward Name Reward Type
Worlds 2017 SKT Emote
Worlds 2017 SSG Emote
Worlds 2018 FNC Emote
Worlds 2018 IG Emote
World Championship 2018 Emote
Worlds 2019 Emote Emote
2019 Worlds G2 Emote
2019 Worlds FPX Emote
World Championship 2014 Icon Summoner Icon
Worlds 2014 - Samsung Galaxy Summoner Icon
Worlds 2014 - Royal Club Summoner Icon
2015 World Championship Summoner Icon
2015 Worlds: SKT T1 Summoner Icon
2015 Worlds: KOO Tigers Summoner Icon
2016 Worlds SK Telecom T1 Summoner Icon
2016 Worlds Samsung Galaxy Summoner Icon
2017 World Championship Icon Summoner Icon
2017 Worlds Samsung Galaxy Summoner Icon
2017 Worlds SK telecom T1 Summoner Icon
Worlds 2018 Icon Summoner Icon
2018 Worlds Fnatic Icon Summoner Icon
2018 Worlds Invictus Gaming Icon Summoner Icon
2019 Worlds G2 Esports Icon Summoner Icon
2019 Worlds FunPlus Phoenix Icon Summoner Icon
Worlds 2019 Event Icon Summoner Icon


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