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SB2020_EventDetails_01.jpgThe Spirit Blossom Festival brings with it the chance to forge new bonds and interact with champions channeling the spirits from beyond our world. Allow your relationship to flourish by earning the favor of these mystical champions. Engage in conversations and complete missions to allow your relationships to take root. As an outsider, the nuance of the Festival and the world of spirits may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry. We’re here to be your spirit guides during this most magical event. Want to learn more about the event? Head over here.

So, what are Spirit Bonds?


On the eve of the Ionian festival, the veil between our world and the Spirit Realm is at its weakest. Cross over, and you can talk to the spirits there! You must enlist their help to venture back to the world of the living, so be sure to talk to any spirit you see on the Spirit Bonds’ map. Be sure to click on their lovely faces to begin your interaction.


We aren’t playing a trick on you when we say you have to click on the champion's faces to begin interacting with them. You will not earn favor with any champions you haven’t spoken to yet.


You’ll then be given the opportunity to learn more about each champion through dialogue. The more you get to know them, the truth of these mysterious spirit’s intentions will be revealed to you. The more favor you earn, the stronger your bond will become, and you’ll unlock Episodes to progress a champion’s story.

Tell me more about Earning Favor


You can earn favor in multiple ways, and while most can be earned by winning and losing in matchmade games, you can also earn favor by completing certain tasks to impress the champions you wish to develop deeper bonds with, as well as playing in the revamped Nexus Blitz. We’ll be going deeper into what those tasks might be, so let’s take a closer look at the paths you can walk down with your favored spirit.

Please Note:

You will only gain favor with champions you’ve spoken with, which you can do by clicking on their faces on the map. No conversation started means no favor earned, so It’s time to socialize some spirits lest you miss out on any valuable interactions.

Gaining Favor Playing Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, Nexus Blitz, or TFT

You can play as any champion and still earn favor with any of the spirits that you’ve begun interacting with. You’ll build your bonds with both wins and losses, as the spirits value all experiences mortals may endure. Consider playing as a specific Spirit Blossom champion to increase the missions you can complete simultaneously (such as winning a game in Summoner’s Rift with Spirit Blossom Ahri).

Requirement Favor Given
Win a game of SR/ARAM/NB 2
Lose a game of SR/ARAM/NB 1
Win a game of TFT (Come in 4th or higher) 4
Lose a game of TFT (Come in 5th or lower) 2

Gaining Favor by Playing a Specific Champion

You can earn favor by honoring a champion simply by playing as them, as well as playing with their Spirit Blossom skins! For example, if you wish to earn some extra favor with the Nine-Tailed Fox, then you'll be able to play as Ahri. Just remember that playing as a champion will only earn bonus favor for that champion.

Requirement Favor Given
Play as a champion with their Spirit Blossom skin equipped in SR/NB 3 favor for the Corresponding Champion
Play as a champion who has a Spirit Blossom skin in SR/NB 1 favor for the Corresponding Champion
Play as a champion with their Spirit Blossom skin equipped in ARAM 6 favor for the Corresponding Champion
Playing as a champion who has a Spirit Blossom skin unequipped in ARAM 2 favor for the Corresponding Champion

Champion-Specific Tasks

All the spirits who’ve chosen to participate in the Spirit Festival will have unique tasks you can complete in both League of Legends and TFT (we’ll cover Nexus Blitz a bit further down). If you’ve been doing the Ahri-math up to this point, this means you can earn up to 14 favor with Spirit Blossom Ahri by surviving a Summoner’s Rift match without dying.

Please Note:

You won’t be able to earn favor through these champion-specific tasks during Co-Op or versus AI. You’ll still be able to earn favor through wins, or by selecting a champion with a Spirit Blossom Skin, for example, but Co-Op and AI matches won’t fulfill the requirements below.

Champion SR/ARAM TFT
Thresh Achieve a CC score above 35 to earn 10 favor Play a 2* Thresh to earn 8 Favor
Riven Achieve 2/3/4/ or 5 Multi-Kill to earn 4/7/10/ or 12 favor Eliminate a player to earn 4 Favor
Vayne Achieve 5/8/12/15/ or 20 Kills to earn 1/2/3/4/ or 5 favor Play a 3 or 6 cost unit to earn 1 or 4 favor
Teemo Achieve a Vision Score above 35 to earn 4 favor Combine and play a Spatula Item to earn 4 favor
Cassiopeia Deal damage to champions above 28k to earn 7 favor Play 1 or 2 3* unit(s) to earn 1 or 4 favor
Lillia Win with at least 15 takedowns on champions to earn 5 favor Land in the top 4 in an Alternate Universe to earn 2 favor
Ahri Finish a match with 0/1/2/ or 3 deaths to earn 8/3/2/ or 1 favor Make a 3* Ahri to earn 4 favor
Yasuo Achieve a 1/3/6/9/ or 12 kill streak to earn 2/4/6/8/or 10 favor Play with a 3 or 6 Rebel bonus to earn 2 or 4 favor
Kindred Kill 1/3/ or 5 Epic Monster(s) to earn1/2/ or 3 favor Survive until the Major Kayn Round to earn 4 favor
Yone Win a game to earn 3 favor Place in the Top 4 or achieve 1st place to earn 2/4 favor

Gaining Additional Favor in Nexus Blitz


You may have noticed that things look a bit different in Nexus Blitz. Now a lush Ionian forest, what better stage to set for the Spirit Blossom Festival. Naturally, you’ll earn some added favor by playing NB. You’ll earn 3 bonus favor by completing a Nexus Blitz specific task for the associated champion alongside the 1 or 3 favor you earn by losing or winning respectively. That’s a lot of good vibes if you play your champs right. Learn more about all the changes coming to Nexus Blitz here.

Champion NB
Thresh Participate and be on the surviving team in Push The Cart
Riven Participate and be on the winning team in Prize Fight
Vayne Participate and be on the winning team in King of the Hill
Teemo Be on the team that last hits the Loot Goblin (Veigar or Teemo)
Cassiopeia Participate and be on the winning team DPS Race
Lillia Participate and be on the team that defeats the other team’s Soraka bot in Protect the Soraka
Ahri Participate and be on the winning team in URF Deathmatch
Yasuo Participate and be on the surviving team in Bardle Royale
Kindred Participate and be on the winning team in Scuttle Racing
Yone Participate and be on the winning team in Sudden Death in Nexus Blitz

What do I get for gaining favor with a champion?

Besides getting to know them? You earn rewards of course! In this case, progressing through a champion’s episodes as you gain favor will grant you tokens and an icon depending on how far you progress. Though you begin your interactions at Rank D, you’ll find favor will strengthen your bonds as you delve deeper into each champion’s tale. You’ll be able to earn favor with ten separate champions during the Festival.

Tier Free Premium
Rank C (Requires 25 favor) Champion Shard 25 Tokens
Rank B (Requires 50 favor) 15 Tokens 25 Tokens
Rank A (Requires 75 favor) Champion Icon 25 Tokens
Rank S (Requires 100 favor) 15 Tokens 25 Tokens

Please Note:

yone.jpg Yone has slightly different rewards than the others. Rank C earns you an Eternals Capsule along with 25 Tokens. Deepen your bonds to Rank A, and you'll earn the Spirit Bonds Yone Icon, the 2020 Spirit Blossom Event Icon, and 25 Tokens.

The Spirit Tree & Spirit Petals


When the moment finally arrives that you achieve an S-rank bond with a champion, you’ll progress to special missions tied to the Spirit Tree. This magical entity grants unique spirit petals, which you can then give to an S-rank champion. Not only that, but accessing the Spirit Tree will also grant you a free Kanmei Orb. Such are the whims of a benevolent spirit.

The choice to bestow a petal is the ultimate symbol of your efforts, and through this gift you’ll be granted an unbreakable bond, along with a unique emote!

However, the petals are as rare as they are meaningful, and you will not be able to give this prize to every champion, so choose your relationships wisely. Your progress to earning a spirit petal is known as Spirit Petal Growth.

Requirement Points toward Spirit Blossom Growth
Win a game of SR/ARAM/NB 2
Lose a game of SR/ARAM/NB 1
Play as a champion with their Spirit Blossom skin equipped in SR/ARAM 2
Play as a champion who has a Spirit Blossom skin in SR/ARAM 1
Win a game of TFT (Come in 4th or higher) 4
Lose a game of TFT (Come in 5th or lower) 2

The amount of Spirit Petal Growth needed for a spirit petal:

  • 50 spirit petal growth for the first spirit petal you can gift
  • 110 total petal growth for the second petal you can gift
  • 180 total petal growth for the third petal you can gift
  • 250 total petal growth for the fourth petal you can gift (Premium Pass only)
  • 320 total petal growth for the fifth petal you can gift (Premium Pass only)



Once you’ve fostered an S-rank unbreakable bond with a champion, you may be able to journey back to the mortal realm with your newly forged memories to bolster you, but like every good fable the end is really only the beginning. If you achieve an even higher rank, don’t be surprised if your new companions stop by to bid you a safe journey for whatever adventure awaits. These final interactions will occur during Spirit Blossom’s conclusion at the end of the event.

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