Known Issue: Infinite Redirect When Logging Into

We are aware that some players may encounter an issue logging into If your attempt to log in is met by the page reloading and logging you out, we have a workaround to use until we are able to solve this issue.

Instructions for Chrome

Within Chrome, type chrome://flags, as shown here:


In the search box, type same-site-by-default-cookies:


Be sure to click the drop down menu next to SameSite by default cookies and select Disabled.

Instructions for Brave

Head over to, and click the Brave icon seen here:


Turn shields OFF:


Instructions for Safari

Open Settings, and head to the privacy tab. Uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking, and restart Safari.


Instructions for iOS

Go to your phone Settings, and find Safari. Uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking.


Please know that we are hoping to have a solution to this issue as soon as possible, but if you're experiencing further issues that you believe are not caused by, you can /submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

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