Recover Your Account

If you forgot your Riot Games username, can't remember your password, or need help recovering a compromised account, you're in the right place. Find your issue below and click the associated button to regain access to your account!

DELETED Accounts Cannot Be Recovered

Account Recovery cannot restore deleted accounts. Once an account is deleted, it's gone forever. For more information on account deletion (including how to stop it during the 30 day grace period), check our Account Deactivation and Deletion FAQ.

Account Recovery Tool

The Account Recovery Tool is the fastest way to get your account back, but if it doesn't work for any reason, Submit a Ticket and we'll get you sorted.

Does Your Account Need Recovering?

Having trouble logging in doesn't necessarily mean you need to recover your account. Here are a few common issues to consider first.

Mistyped Or Incorrect Account Information

Capslock isn't just a great way to get banned for yelling at your teammates; it's also awesome at messing up your credentials! Double check that you're entering the correct information, especially if you own multiple accounts.

Servers Are Down

Sometimes, it's not you—it's us! Check the Server Status for your game of choice before writing in if you're confident in your credentials.

Account Banned

Permanently banned accounts cannot be recovered.

Post-Recovery Services

If your account was compromised, recovery may only be the first step. Here are some other ways we can help you get back on your feet once your account is safely in your hands.

Revert Unauthorized Summoner Name Change

Once we've recovered your account, we can revert your Summoner name back to what you previously had.

Reverse Unauthorized Purchases

If you discover any unauthorized charges were made to your account while it was out of your hands, let us know so we can investigate the issue.

Report All Suspicious Purchases

If you find transactions on your account that you did not make (even if they were not charged to you), tell us right away! Left unchecked, these purchases may cause future billing issues for your account.

Protecting Your Account

Keep your account secure, and you'll never have to visit this page again! Start by enabling two-factor authentication, then fortify your information with some of our account security tips.

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