Riot Accounts - Globally Unique Username FAQ

If you created your first Riot account after 2020, your username is likely already globally unique, and you can largely ignore the rest of this page.

However, for those of you who are returning to the game after a long while away (welcome back!), and are now being asked to change your username, here’s why. When Riot Games shifted from being the League of Legends company to being the “bunch of games” publisher, we needed to level up our accounts system. Going global with multiple games meant having globally unique usernames across all regions. So if you have the same username as someone else in the world (even if that other name belongs to you), you need to change it before you can get into a game.

Obviously it can feel pretty crummy to lose the username you’ve had for years, but new systems we’ve put in place – like the ability to Stay Signed In – should make things easier overall.

Is this the same as my Summoner Name or Riot ID?

Nope. Your username is the name you use to log in, not the one other players see in-game. No one has access or visibility to your username except you.

OK, Acceptable! How do I change my username?

Go to Riot Account Update to check if you need to change your username. If you do need to change it, that portal will allow you to do so!

Please Note

Once you pick your new username, you cannot change it! So double-check to make sure it’s typo-free, doesn’t include any personally identifying information, and think long-term for this one!

What if I have the same username on a bunch of different servers?

If you have signed up for League of Legends on multiple League of Legends servers (including PBE), you need to make sure that each account has a unique name. If you’re the only person with this name worldwide (just on multiple accounts), you can get the username you want on your primary account by making sure you update that one last.

  • Step 1: Figure out all of the accounts that you have that might be blocking each other. If they are all attached to the same email account, you should have received an email listing them out for you (the subject line was “Important updates to your Riot Account”). If you’re looking for a list of which usernames might be impacted, you can use the Riot Account Recovery tool, which can send you a list of every username you have attached to a specific email.
  • Step 2: Log into your PBE/alternate accounts first on this website, and update them however you see fit. We’ve seen a lot of people adding the region to the end to keep track of them.
  • Step 3: Once you’re 100% sure you’ve updated all of your alts and secondary accounts (again, don’t forget PBE), log back in to your primary account. If you were the only person worldwide with that account name, you should be unblocked, so you shouldn’t get the pop-up anymore.

Please Note

This will only work if you’re truly the only person in the world with that username. If anyone in any other region has that account name, you still will likely need to change your username before you log in. You might go through that process and still need to change your primary username if it turns out someone else out there is also using it.

What if I mistakenly changed my username to something I didn't want?

Uh, sorry. Usernames are eligible for a one-time change only if they aren’t globally unique yet. If you feel that you have an extraordinary case for a one-time exception, reach out to Player Support, but just know that they usually won’t be able to change it.

I'm having an issue updating my account. I think I'm stuck in some sort of loop?

We’ve noticed some players have been getting stuck in a loop when trying to change their username. Please try these steps:

  1. Log out of your account in the Client (press Alt + F4 if you have no other option), and make sure you uncheck the Stay Signed In box.
  2. Open an Incognito Tab in Chrome, or use a different browser (like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), then go to the website:
  3. Log in to the account that you want to change the username of and select the server the account belongs to.
  4. Change the username of the selected account.

If the issue still persists, reach out to Player Support and we will figure out our next steps.

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