Riot, R&D, and You!

A lot of exciting things are happening over here at Riot, and by exciting things, we mean R&D! For the most part, our secret projects have to remain, well, secret, but following all the announcements made for League’s 10 Year Celebration, here’s everything we can talk about.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Revamped controls. Refreshed animations. It’s a whole new Rift out there. While we can’t say much, if you are as eager to get your hands on Wild Rift as we are, be sure to sign up for beta updates here.

Worried about your pre-registration? You can always pre-register again in Google Play just in case! It won’t hurt your chances.

Project A

We promised that this would be a spoiler-free zone, but we can say that Project A is Riot’s take on a character-based tactical shooter...with a brand new IP! The team will release more news in 2020, but you can check here for new information!

But what about Project L? Project F? LoL Esports Manager?! XYZ cool thing we saw?!?!

That’s the thing about sneak peeks. They really are sneaky. We can’t say anything beyond what has been teased across League’s 10 Year Celebration, but keep your eyes and ears open for more information as it develops.

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