Let's Celebrate 10 Years of League!

Ten years. A decade. A tenth of a century! That’s how long Riot has been pitting champion against champion, raising the bar for the MOBA genre, and working to be the most player-focused game studio in the world! As a huge thank you, we wanted to celebrate the best part of the last ten years: you, the players. Without further ado, let’s celebrate League’s 10 Year Anniversary!

League 10 Year Missions

If you’ve created your Riot Account before October 15th 6:00 PM PDT, there will be 10 special missions, one for each year of League (plus a bonus mission). The missions will drop daily at 1:00 PM PDT starting on October 17th. A mission will drop each day, so if you finish the first mission, you’ll need to wait a whole day (!) for the second one! Don’t worry if you don’t complete Mission 1 on Day 1. They’ll be waiting for you until all the missions end on November 19th at 11:00 AM PDT.

  Presents Per Day

Curious as to what gifts come out on which day? Click here to learn more!

Mission Eligibility

We want to make sure both new and veteran players have the best experience coming into the festivities. New players are going to have access to missions that veteran players weren’t able to experience when they started playing. We want to continue developing the new player experience, and that starts with missions that teach the fundamentals in new ways!

However, when it comes to our 10 Year Celebration, we want to really honor the players that have been with us over the years. For that reason, the 10 Year Missions will only be available to Riot Accounts made prior to October 15th 6:00 PM PDT. We really want these to be a gift back to our dedicated players.

Bonus Mission! Whether you’re a new player jumping in for the 10 Year Celebration, or a veteran from Season 1, there will be a special bonus mission available for everyone on the 27th (11:00 AM PDT). This mission will also end on the 19th, so don’t miss it!

Your Shop

Yay! It’s back! Huh? You don’t know about Your Shop? Well you’re in for a treat! From October 16th to the November 18th a special shop will open curated just for you. By taking a look at the loot you have and the champions you play, Your Shop will fill with a unique selection of special skins at a discount! If that wasn’t enough, there is a rare chance some of these will be 1820 RP Skins!

What if I don’t get an 1820 Skin?!

Keep in mind, the skins that show up in Your Shop are random. It’s up to the whims of the algorithm for which skins will appear, so may luck be on your side.

10 Year Questions

Why do I see more champions in the free rotation?

What you are seeing is the First 40 champions released with League of Legends.

When is URF coming back?

We've already committed to bringing back game modes in various posts in the last year, so we are excited to be bringing URF back during our 10 Year Celebration! URF resumes on October 28th at 4:00 PM PDT and ends on November 8th.

What about preseason?

The preseason team is working hard to pull out all the stops preseason 2020. They’re working so hard that they haven’t even told us about it! So that means no spoilers until preseason hits the PBE in the following months.

If you haven't signed up for a PBE account, you can do so here.





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