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Whether it’s for watching Worlds on your favorite streaming platform, or using social media for connectivity and convenience, there are plenty of reasons to team up with our third-party partners. However, in case you’ve decided you’d like to unlink your account for any reason, we’re here to help.

How do I unlink my account from third-party partners?

  • Head over to the Riot Accounts site.
  • Remove access to the account by clicking the Disconnect button.

I've unlinked my account, but it still says it's linked on the partner site. What do I do?

Unfortunately, you will need to reach out to the relevant partnership support site to follow up on the issues there. If you believe there to be an issue on the Riot-side of things, you can always submit a ticket.

Can I reconnect to a third-party partner?

Yes! You can always reconnect your account at any time!

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