Boosting My Beta Odds

We’re always cooking up something new over here at Riot, which translates into awesome stuff for our players. With some pretty neat titles coming down the pipeline, we understand the desire to get in-game is at an all time high! Betas allow for players to start playing early, resulting in on-the-ground feedback that we can use to make the game even better (talk about a win-win). To make it fair, much of our selection process is random. However, there are some ways to increase your odds of being chosen for one of our closed betas (think of it like getting more tickets in a raffle).


  • Do sign up for the beta! You can’t get in if you don’t sign up!
  • Do link your account to some of our third-party partners! For example, watching our streams on Twitch can help your chances of being accepted into the beta. We love our dedicated playerbase, so being able to reward them with more access to the early access is just our way of saying thanks.
  • Do be sure to be on your best behavior. Things like reports and bans don’t slip under the radar, and we try our best not to reward unsavory behavior. 


  • It goes without saying, but don’t let bad behavior ruin your beta-chances. Reports and bans can both negatively affect your chances of gaining access to a beta.
  • Don’t get permabanned! If reports and temporary bans hurt your chances, getting permabanned eliminates them. You can’t play a beta if you can’t play any of our games.
  • Don’t write into Support asking to get into a beta. Okay, okay. So this won’t actually hurt your chances, but neither we nor Blitzcrank can hack into the mainframe to boost your beta odds. So just don’t do it. 

At the end of the day, gaining access to any of our betas is a lottery that we wish all of you could win. While we hope luck is on your side, remember that even if you don’t make it into the beta, the reality is you’ll get to play ALL our games...eventually!

Curious about being on your best behavior? Be sure to check out what legendary behavior looks like, and be sure to figure out your Tilt Type. Knowing what tilts you can help you combat unsavory behavior and come out victorious...both literally and emotionally.

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