EU's Revised Payment Services Directive

Starting at the end of August, we'll be updating our European payment systems to be compliant with EU's Revised Payment Services Directive (sometimes referred to as PSD2). The biggest change involved is a switch to "strong customer authentication,” meaning payment transactions will require a two-factor authentication. Keep in mind, the form of  the two-factor authentication depends on your payment provider. Here are a few scenarios you could run into:

  • Your payment provider might ask you for a code sent via text, email, or app.
  • Your payment provider may be able to run two-factor authentication behind the scenes with our servers. If this occurs, you won't see a prompt.
  • Your payment provider might not be set up for strong customer authentication yet. If this occurs, you won't see a two-factor authentication prompt until they update their systems.

As part of this change, saved credit and debit card information will be reset, so don’t be alarmed if your saved card disappears! You'll just need to re-enter your information the next time you purchase RP. After that, you can re-save it during the transaction if you'd like. 

This update is happening in waves, so you might not need to re-enter your information or complete a two-factor authentication prompt for earlier purchases. Just keep an eye out, and don’t be alarmed. Safety first!

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