Report a Player After a Game

In-Game Reporting Now Available

Save yourself some time and report bad behavior as it happens.

You can also report a player in-client for up to a five days after playing with them by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Profileprofile.png
  2. Select Match History
  3. Select the relevant match
  4. Right click the player's name
  5. Select Report
  6. Fill out your report and click the Report Player button

Looking to report a player in League of Legends but forgot to after a game? Simply log in here and submit your report below. Just remember: you can only report someone you've played with within the last 20 games!

Effective Reporting Tip: Make sure your report is tailored for the behavior you saw. For example, if the player decided to throw the game by rushing down middle lane after their first death, a good comment would be: “Died at 5 minutes to a gank and then proceeded to run down mid for the rest of the match.”

For more information about reporting a player, check out the Player Reporting Guide and FAQ.


Blitzcrank Thanks You
Your report of {reportee}'s behavior has been added to their permanent record.
You already reported {reportee} post-game! We have captured this report, don't you worry.
Please enter the name of the player you wish to report.
Please enter the reason for your report.
Please select a reason for the report.
Could not find your match history. You can only report players you have played with. If this is an error, please try again later.
Could not find any matches in your history. You can only report players you have played with. If this is an error, please try again later.
Summoner not found in your past 20 games. You can only report players whom you have played games with.
Invalid response received from server. Please try again later.
Error parsing your session. Please log in again.
Please log in first.
Too much time has passed. Please log in again.
You have requested data too fast. Please slow down.
Our system is under heavy load. Please try again in a few minutes.
An unknown error has occurred. Please try again.
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