Understanding Temporary Suspensions

Your account has received a temporary time-locked suspension during which you are unable to play League using this account for the listed time period. This means you acted in a way that we at Riot and League of Legends consider inappropriate for in-game behavior.

You are now much closer to receiving a permanent ban on your account and should be very aware of your in-game behavior and how to improve to keep your account from being permabanned. 

At this point, you have:

  • Been given your chat logs that resulted in this suspension and any previous suspensions.
  • Are aware that continuing this behavior is unacceptable.
  • Are one step closer to receiving a permaban.

What can I do to not be suspended in the future?

We want to help you address your behavior so that you don't get banned! We have a few tips we heavily recommend so that you're not at risk for further action.

Our tips to not get banned are:

  • Turn off all chat
  • Mute people/pings/emotes the moment you feel the urge to respond
  • Remove chat window by pressing enter when in-game, seeing the bar appear, and dragging the bar outside of your game window
  • Rage verbally at the screen in order to not chat in-game
  • Play with friends and avoid solo queue

Why did I get suspended?

You received a suspension because the way you acted in game was deemed inappropriate. When you log into the client, you should have received the chat logs that exemplifies the behavior that lead to your suspension. Use these chat logs to improve your communication with your teammates and opponents to avoid a future ban. You can always mute and report others at the end of a game, so there is no value in arguing with them while playing.

What happens if I get suspended again?

Depending on what your suspension was for, you might get another time-locked suspension, or your account is at extreme risk of getting permabanned. Use the duration of your suspension to reflect on your actions and take appropriate steps to ensure you are not suspended again in the future, which could result in the permanent banning of your account! 

I wasn't playing during that game! Can't you do something about this?

Remember that you are fully responsible for all activity made on your account, and if suspensions or bans are incurred, we will not be able to modify them. If you feel that your account may have been compromised, please see the Account Recovery Guide for more information and instructions to help recover your account.

I don't deserve the suspension! Another player deserves it more!

We can't discuss other players’ actions with you, but you can always report them at end of your game and mute them when in-game. There is no excuse for raging back or responding to people trying to get you to tilt. You are the only one responsible for your actions, and your words, which is what we are trying to address with these bans.


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