Mute Ally Chat

Just like your rank, silence can be golden.

Summoner's Rift is a place of fervent clashes and raging battles. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose, but it is always high energy and high stakes! You're there, in the Rift and in the zoneThat is...until somebody starts to talk.

If you find chat to be more chatter than constructive collaboration, it may be time to utilize a feature new to Patch 9.14: ongoing Mute Ally Chat.

Communication is an essential component to a glorious game of League, but not every Summoner has mastered the subtle art of silence. Other times, you just want to be in the thick of it (the Jungle that is), and you need some peace and quiet to concentrate.

We know it sounds kinda ominous, but it couldn’t be more simple (and potentially super helpful!) Here, take a look:


You’re probably pretty familiar with the “Show [All] Chat” feature, which allows your team and the opposing team to chat (in the spirit of jovial competitiveness, I’m sure!). But as you can see above, you can now choose to UNCHECK “Show Allied Chat.”

While we’re all for team communication, we also understand that typing /muteall can get redundant when you’re busy focusing on map the map for a potential gank. This way, your mute will transfer from game to game! Just know that if you do decide to chat with your allies, you’ll be prompted to adjust your settings.


Unchecked = Mute allied chat
Checked = Show allied chat

See? We told you it wasn’t too ominous.


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