Teamfight Tactics General FAQ

Learn more about Riot Games’ autobattler, Teamfight Tactics. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Teamfight Tactics  Gameplay & Mission FAQs

How do you play Teamfight Tactics?

Oh hey, we wrote an entire article on that here.

Help! My screen is locked onto my Little Legend! How do I reset it?

Currently, we are working on building a button to help fix this issue. In the meantime, try physically moving your Little Legend off the board (usually towards the river on the left side of the board) and then moving them back on to the board. This should reset your camera. 

Does Teamfight Tactics contribute to Summoner XP in League of Legends?

Teamfight Tactics does not currently count towards your Summoner level in League of Legends.

I finished a mission, so why haven’t I received the reward?

Sometimes missions can take a bit of time to redeem. If the mission was accomplished in a game that is still in progress, you will receive the reward after the game concludes completely.

I finished a game of Teamfight Tactics but can’t join a new one. What's going on?

The minimum game length is 10 minutes before you are able to join another game of Teamfight Tactics. In other words, you must wait for the game you just left (or died in) to be over 10 minutes long in order to start a new game.

  • Example 1: You lose a game of Teamfight Tactics, but the game you just lost is 5 minutes in, therefore, you now must wait 5 more minutes to start a new game so that the overall game length (of the game you just ended) is longer than 10 minutes.

I tried to add someone to my party but it said I don’t have any room. What’s happening?

If you try to invite someone, but the party rejects the invite stating “there is no space,” this is a known issue that we are working on fixing! In the meantime, try having everyone leave the party and fully close the party out. If you continue to experience the issue, have everyone log back in and try again!

How do I get a Little Legend?

If you want your own Little Legend, you can find their eggs for sale in the shop and open them in the Loot tab!

Teamfight Tactics Champion Gold FAQs

How do I earn gold in Teamfight Tactics?

You earn gold every round of the game. You can get more gold through having either a winning streak or a losing streak.

How does gold interest work?

For every 10 gold you have saved up, you gain an additional 1 gold per round. The max interest you can get per round is 5 gold if you have 50 gold in the bank. You can also earn bonuses based on your win/loss rate.

Teamfight Tactics Champion In-Game Store FAQs

Is the store filled with the same number of champions across every game?

Yes, you have the same pool of champions across each game, but you might not run into the same number of rare champions in every game. For example, rare champions (like Kayle) might not show up more than 2-3 times per game even though there are 10 available Kayles in the pool overall.  

Do I share a champion pool with the other players?

Yes, you all share the same champion pool between all players.

If I sell a champion, does it get put back into the shared pool?

Yes, if you share a champion it returns into the shared pool where it can show up again.

If a player dies, do their champions get put back into the shared pool?

Yes, if a player dies, their champions get re-added to the shared pool.

What happens when I level up in Teamfight Tactics?

When you level up in Teamfight Tactics, you can put another champion on the board as well as getting a higher chance of rolling higher cost champions that deal more damage!

How often does the store refresh?

The store refreshes after every round. The higher level you are, the more likely you are to get higher tiers of Champions in your store. Not getting Champions you want? You can spend 2g to refresh the shop whenever you want!

Teamfight Tactics Champions, Items, & Traits FAQs

What are Champions?

Champions are the units you can buy from the store and place on the board to fight! Each champion has a special ability and at least two specific Champion traits.

What are Champion traits?

Champions all have at least two traits to them- an origin and class. These are the traits that you can use to combine two different characters to make them overall more powerful. For example, Nidalee and Warwick share the ‘Wild’ origin. If you play them together, they receive the synergy you see listed under ‘Wild’. Nidalee also has the class of ‘Shapeshifter’ which can be combined with a character who shares this class (like Elise). Use these combinations to help boost your overall team comp!

Where can I find a list of all traits, Champions, items and what they do?

Hey, check out this page to see all combinations.

How do I get more items in Teamfight Tactics?

You get random items from PVE monster drops. For example, when you play against the dragon, you have a chance of getting a random item! Check out the full list of items here.

How can I find out what ability a Champion uses while in-game?

When in game, right click the Champion and hover their special ability. This is where you can read what this Champion does when their mana bar fills up!


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