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Ever wish you could experience a big game the way your favorite pro player sees it? With Pro View, you can! Tune in to watch every move they make, from precision keystrokes to game-altering macro strategies. And don't worry if you miss the live broadcast—you can always revisit a key moment from a different perspective or catch up on the latest split with Pro View's VOD archives. Read on to learn more!

Pro View Features

  • POV Streams - See an exact rendition of a pro player's screen while they are in-game, capturing every mouse click and game-time decision to help you think like a pro. The free version of Pro View includes two handpicked POVs each match, or upgrade to Premium to unlock them all!
  • Multiview - Watch up to four synchronized streams at once with Pro View Premium. Not ready to make the commitment? No problem! You can still watch two synchronized POV streams with the free version.
  • Real-Time Highlights - See replays of critical game moments like big kills, tower takedowns, and secured objectives as soon as they've happened.
  • Live Stats - With dynamically updated analyst-level statistics for builds, runes, and matchups at your fingertips, it has never been easier to level up your understanding of the game.

Accessing Pro View

We want to make dropping in on your favorite pro players as easy as possible, so there are a few ways you can go about using Pro View:

  • Log in to LoL Esports with your Riot Account, then click the Pro View tab


  • Go directly to Pro View and log into your Riot Account from there

However you decide to use Pro View, you should also keep in mind that VODs and live matches you watch on Pro View count towards your Esports Watch missions!

Finally, there are two types of Pro View: the free version, and the Premium version. To learn more about the difference between the two, visit Pro View.

Please Note

Pro View support is currently only available in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Pro View in other languages?
Pro View only includes English caster audio for the moment.
Can I turn off caster audio?
Yes, you can! When you have a POV or the map stream set as your primary audio source, go into Settings >  Sound, and mute the caster audio.
Why can't I get caster audio to work on POVs?
Some older events were not recorded using multiple audio streams, preventing us from adding the caster audio. All new content should have this option!
I can't see live statistics
Game statistics aren't available until the game has begun. Until then you can see information about what stats will be shown in the stats panel and why they are important to the players. If you can't see stats within a few minutes after the game has started, send an email to the Pro View team!
I can't get into Pro View at all
Make sure that you are logged into your League account. If you are logged in and still can't gain access, send an email to the Pro View team!
I can't access the Premium features
Make sure that you are logged into the correct account and that your Pro View subscription is still active. If your subscription has expired, you can resubscribe. If your subscription has not expired and the issue persists, send an email to the Pro View team!
I can't get multi-view views to work on mobile
At this time, Apple/iOS mobile devices only support one view at a time. We are looking into updating this in the future. Android devices should be able to use multi-view as normal.
Which mobile operating systems are supported by Pro View?
Your phone or tablet will need to run iOS 12 or higher or Android 9 or higher to watch Pro View on the go.
Previous free content is no longer available
Pro View is an evolving service, and we reserve the rights to update which content is available for free on the platform on a regular basis.
Can I get a refund if I don't like Pro View?
We are currently not offering refunds for Pro View purchases. Instead, we suggest you try out the free version of Pro View before committing to a purchase.
What happens to the money I spend on Pro View?
Payments are split among the participating regional leagues and pro teams. We also use some of the funds to keep improving the Pro View experience!
Does watching Pro View count towards my watch missions?
Absolutely! Just drop by your LoL Esports rewards page to check your progress.
Can I create content around Pro View?
Content creation and streaming around Pro View is regulated by our current content policy. Please check our content policies regularly to stay up to date on how you can and cannot use Pro View content for content creation.
I wasn't able to find an answer to my question…
No worries! Just drop us a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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