Pro View FAQ

Pro View lets you watch LoL Esports games from a pro's perspective. See their mouseclicks, how often they tab into the scoreboard, and know exactly what they know as they make crucial decisions.

Pro View details

  • POV streams: An exact rendition of a pro player's screen while they're in-game, down to their mouseclicks. You can also see their face cams!
  • Multiview: Watch up to four synchronized streams at once
  • Advanced timeline: Kills, tower takedowns and other big plays are marked right on the timeline, and clicking a marker jumps to that moment in the game
  • Watch with friends: Share a personalized Pro View URL to synchronize your timeline with friends who are also using Pro View
  • Live stats: Dynamically-updated stats are baked into Pro View, including builds, runes, and matchups

Accessing Pro View

  1. Log into LoL Esports with your League account
  2. Purchase your Pro View access (or apply your coupon if you've got one). This will link your Pro View access to your League account. You can't undo this, so make sure you're logged into the right account!
  3. Watch a VOD or live match by visiting LoL Esports. These views count toward your Esports Watch missions!

There are two types of Pro View pass:

The Pro View LEC/LCS Passes includes live matches and VOD access to all Summer Split matches. Your access will end after Summer Split finals.

The Pro View All Access Pass includes live matches and VOD access to all participating regions. Your access will end after Summer Split finals.


Can I watch in other languages?

The 2019 Summer Split will only include the English caster audio. We're working on adding more languages as quickly as possible!

Can I turn off caster audio?

Sorry, but caster audio can't be turned off separately from the game's audio.

I can't see stats!

You won't be able to see stats during champion select, and sometimes for a bit after the game pauses. If you can't see stats after a few minutes, send in a ticket!

I can't get into Pro View at all!

Make sure you're logged into the correct League account, and that your Pro View access hasn't expired. If you're sure your League account is hooked up to Pro View, send in a ticket!

I can't get multi-screen views to work on mobile

Mobile currently only supports single-screen viewings.

My invitation to watch Pro View with a friend didn't work

Make sure you and your friend are both logged into LoL Esports, then resend the invitation. Logging or relogging requires you to send a new link.

Can I still watch games on LoL Esports without Pro View?

Absolutely! Pro View is an addition to our regularly-scheduled programming; you're still totally able to watch games on LoL Esports for free.

What happens to the money I spend on Pro View?

Your purchase is split between your region and their pro teams!

Can I create content around Pro View?

Content creation and streaming around Pro View is not allowed per the Pro View terms of service. Please see for more info on the terms of service.

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