EUW and EUNE Community Events Tool

We've made the decision to put the Community Events tool on pause for all of Europe.

We originally launched the tool several years ago as a way to help small event organisers run tournaments online.

This tool has served us well since then, but we believe that now is a good time to take a step back and review how it is being used by players and event organisers. League of Legends and its community has evolved a lot since the tool’s release, and we are in a very different place today than where we were five or six years ago.

Last year alone, we supported 20,000 events across Europe, and prized out RP to over 500,000 players. We want to take some time to analyse how the tool has been used in the past, and to see what we can do in the future to keep supporting events and organisers.

If you had a tournament already registered with the tool, your RP will still be honoured, and we will also be awarding RP for any events currently in our backlog.  You can still register for tournaments which were created before we disabled the tool, but you will be unable to create any new events at the current time.

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