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For a limited time on the North American server players can recruit a friend to join them and the rest of the Morningstar Crew in the new game mode: Extraction

After signing up with your partner you both will receive a set of 3 special missions that can only be completed by playing together in Extraction.  Completing each mission will reward you with Blue Essence; completing all missions will reward you with a skin shard for one of the new Odyssey skins!

How to Sign Up

In order to join this promotion you must figure out which bucket you belong to; Recruiter or Recruit

Current Player: These are players that have played at least one match since July 11th, 2018.  These players can only be a Recruiter

Returning Player: These are player that have not played at least one match since July 11th, 2018 but have a League of Legends account.  These players can be Recruits OR Recruiters

New Player: These are players that do not have a League of Legends account at all.  These players can only be Recruits

To sign up as a Recruiter:

  • Upon login into League of Legends, go to Odyssey Hub within the Client.
  • There will be an NA Only tab connected to the recruitment initiative
  • On this tab the Recruiter will find a unique recruitment URL. 
  • Give this URL to a friend (either a returning player or a new player)
  • In order for the Recruiter to be signed up in the system the friend they give the link to must complete the sign up process on their end

To sign up as a Recruit:

  • Returning Players - If you have not played a match since July 11th, 2018, then you can use the recruitment URL your Recruiter friend sent to you.  Follow the steps in the link to connect your account to this promotion.
  • New Players - If you do not have a League of Legends account at all then you can use the recruitment URL your recruiter friend sent to you to create one.  

NOTE: In order to sign up for this promotion you MUST create an account with the unique Recruitment URL from a friend.  If you create an account through the normal process your account will not be eligible to sign up as a Recruit; only a Recruiter

How to Participate

Once you have signed up for the promotion with your friend you must log into the Client.  The Recruiter and the Recruit will each receive a special Odyssey Icon to represent their status and a set of 3 unique mission that only participants of the recruitment program on NA will see.

In order to complete the missions the recruit and the recruiter must:

  1. Equip their respective Odyssey Recruitment Icon
  2. Join a party with each other and queue up for the Odyssey Game Mod

Recruiter Icon:


Recruit Icon:



Program Missions

  • Backup Requested - Clear Odyssey: Extraction on any difficulty with your recruit/recruiter while wearing your recruitment icons. Reward: 500 BE
  • Rescue Team - Clear Odyssey: Extraction four times on any difficulty with your recruit/recruiter while wearing your recruitment icons Reward: 1000 BE
  • Backup Has Arrived - Clear Odyssey: Extraction on Captain difficulty or higher with your recruit/recruiter while wearing your recruitment icons Reward: One Odyssey Skin Shard


  • Why can't I do this in my (non-NA) region? This is an experiment being run in NA - if it goes well, you may see more programs like this in other regions in the future
  • What exactly are my rewards? Any account that finishes all 3 Odyssey Recruitment missions will receive a special Odyssey capsule that contains a single skin shard for one of the 6 new Odyssey skins. You will also receive 500 BE for the first mission and 1000 BE for the second mission in the chain
  • What are the missions I need to complete?
  • There are 3 sequential missions for Odyssey Recruitment: Backup Requested, Rescue Team and Backup Has Arrived 
  • Eligibility - are you a current playerVisit the Odyssey Hub in client, go to recruitment initiative tab on the left, and copy your unique recruitment URL.  Send that to a friend, and once they have joined the game you'll automatically be part of the program
  • Eligibility - are you a new playerUse the recruitment URL your friend sent you to sign up, completing ALL STEPS of the signup process.  Once you log in and finish the tutorial, you should receive your badge
  • Eligibility - are you a returning playerFirst, you must have not played a game since July 11, 2018. If you have, then you are ineligible, but can still be a recruiter! If you haven't, use your recruiter's unique URL and "re-enlist," following all steps in the process.  You should then be enrolled in the program
  • Where's my icon? If you (or your recruit, if you're the recruiter) have followed all the steps to enroll in the program and receive the success page after signing in on the Recruitment website, make sure you've both logged into the client. Your icon should appear quickly, but if it takes more than 30 minutes please contact Player Support. 
  • Why aren't missions progressing? Recruitment missions require both the recruiter and the recruit to play together in a party while both wearing their respective recruitment icons. Further, only victories in Odyssey: Extraction will complete these missions; other game modes will not count.



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