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Stats track a bunch of your game details over the course of a season. These stats are split into Income, Combat, and Map Control. Our announcement lays out one way to draw useful conclusions from stats. Your stats start tracking the day a season begins and keep recording until the end of the following preseason. Here are some answers to some questions.

Will my data from last season be archived and visible?

No =( You'll start fresh on the day of each season's start, and you won't be able to see last season's stats. Stats have only been recording since around the feature's launch time, so you won't see stats from the beginning of this season.

Let me see some ARAM stats!

As much as we want to brag about our 100% adherence to "hit a snowball, take the snowball," stats are only for Summoner's Rift. We don't have any plans to enable stats for ARAM or Twisted Treeline.

Are there rewards for having great stats or improving over time?

No, this feature is mostly intended to help you see what you're good at and what needs work. So, hopefully a sense of improvement and maybe some LP gains are reward enough.

What happens if a game messes up in some way?

Games that don't appear in your match history won't show up in stats, but stats will pull matches that display "Loss Forgiven" in your match history.

Why does my secondary lane have a low grade? I'm swimming in S ranks on these champions.

Your grade is for the role overall, so it grades your performance across all champions and categories in that role. The grade is also relative to other players in that role, so competition for that S rank is fierce.

I play Quinn mid, not jungle. Why's she showing up as a jungler? Fix this.

Ah, sorry. We sort champions by the role in which you play them, but you might see some discrepancy early on. Keep playing games and it should right itself.

 Can I hide my stats?

You cannot.

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