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Runeterra has a LOT of lore. Stories and comics, animations and events... Heck, it would take a Master's thesis just to figure out what Ryze has been up to for the last millennium! And that's exactly why we created Explore Runeterra, an interactive web experience that helps contextualize the world of Runeterra as a living, breathing place for you to discover and explore. Come find answers to your most pressing questions, and check out some concept art along the way!


The interactive map is available on Universe.

Features and Info

Collections of regional content, embedded art and sound, integration with champion bios, and many other features are available now! We're also looking at adding more ways to Explore Runeterra in the future, so be sure to come back soon!


How can I access the map?

You can find the interactive map on Universe. Once there, click and drag around to your heart's content!

How often will the map be updated?

One of the goals of the Explore Runeterra experience is to regularly release content on the Runeterra map that’s not specifically related to events or launches. We’ll be getting into a rhythm during the coming months, so stay tuned to see new content and features as they launch!

We’ll also use the map to regularly publish new event-related content as it comes out.

What about new features?

Our primary focus is to populate the map with more content and create new content experiences. That being said, we’re going to continue feature development in order to keep this platform growing, easy to navigate and satisfying to use.

If you have any suggestions for new features you’d like to see implemented please be sure to submit them to Player Support.

How do I report map-related bugs?

You can submit a ticket through Player Support.

What devices does the interactive map support?

The map is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, but your browser must support the WebGL API in order to use it. Most major browsers have built-in support for WebGL, so if you’re having trouble viewing the map, make sure that you are using a WebGL compatible browser and that WebGL is enabled in your browser settings.

If you’re still experiencing any issues, let us know which device and browser you are using when you submit feedback!


For specific cases, take a look below. If your problem isn't here, make sure to reach out to Player Support!


The map seems to be loading slowly and it’s really laggy. What can I do?

The map’s performance is heavily dependent on your internet connection, browser settings, and in the case of mobile viewing, your phone’s specs! Make sure that your computer or mobile device has a strong signal, verify that hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser settings, and close out any unneeded apps on your phone.

The map won’t load or run for me. What can I do?

Explore Runeterra is an interactive map experience built in WebGL. Most major browsers have built-in support for WebGL so if you are having trouble viewing the map, make sure that you are using a WebGL compatible browser and that WebGL is enabled in your browser settings.


Google Chrome Users, please make sure hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser:

1) Go to Chrome -> Settings. Type ‘hardware’.
2) Click to enable ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’
3) Relaunch the browser.

To check if your device supports WebGL, click here.

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