Parental Approval Information for Players

tl;dr: If you’re in Europe and under the age of 16, you might need your parents to respond to our email.

The European Union has passed a slew of data privacy laws which affect games and digital accounts like the one you use to log into League of Legends. If that sentence was riveting to you, we’ll have more info soon on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how we’re changing the way we process your data.

If you’re just here to figure out how to get back to playing League (or start for the first time), all you need to do is log in (or create an account), and you’ll be informed as to how to have your parents sign off on your League account.

Some common questions relating to EU’s age of eligibility and how Riot is handling it:

What’s the age of eligibility for my country?

The default age of eligibility (AoE) across the EU is 16, but countries can set their own.

Can my parents log into my account?

No, your parents can’t log into your account, but they can modify it or view information related to it if they ask us. We’ve made a similar article to this one for parents, which you can read here.

 What happens if my parents don’t respond to the email?

If your parents don’t want to respond to the email, your account will remain locked. Once you reach the age of eligibility according to the date of birth you listed on your account, your account will automatically unlock.

 This sucks, my parents didn’t approve and I’ve spent money on the game.

That does suck. You can try showing them this video and talking to them about League and the money you spent, but we can’t grant access to your account until your parents respond to their email or you reach the age of eligibility in your country.

I sent the parent request to the wrong email address!

Just log into your account, and you’ll be able to send a new email to a new address.

I want to change the parental email address I linked to my account.

If your parent has already responded to the initial email and lifted the lock from your account, they need to make the request to change their email address themselves. Have them submit a ticket using their original email address.

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