Clash - SMS Verification

In order to participate in Clash, you'll need to register your account to a cell phone number. This security step is meant to prevent players from entering tournaments with smurfs. You'll only need to go through this process once, and can only attach one account to your phone number.

Here's how to do it:

  1. In the Clash tab of the client, click "Team" and the "Confirm SMS" button next to your name.
  2. Enter your country code, followed by your area code and phone number. You can find country codes here.
  3. We'll send you a text message with a secret code; enter that, and your account will be SMS verified.

Mobile or Prepaid Numbers ONLY!

Please note that we only accept verified mobile or prepaid phone numbers for SMS verification. Internet numbers (i.e. VOIP) like Google Voice will not work.


Can I link more than one account to the same phone number?

Sorry, no. One account per phone number.

I'm being told my phone number is invalid.

Some types of phones and carriers aren't eligible for SMS verification because they're easy to spoof. Internet phone numbers like Google Voice, for example, won't work as verification.

I'm not receiving a secret code!

This is usually because of a typo in your phone number. Restart the SMS verification process and enter your phone number again.

What happens if I want to remove my phone number from this account?

You can remove your phone number from your account! Just keep in mind that a 6 month waiting period begins at the moment you unlink your account. If you ever want to re-link the same number, you'll have to wait till the initial six month period has elapsed from the time of your first unlink. We do this to prevent players from using one phone to jump between multiple accounts.

Can I SMS verify my smurf/alt account with higher Honor?

No. Your highest-ranked account must be Honor level 2 in order for you to participate in Clash. If you find that you've participated in Clash with a lower-ranked account that meets the Honor requirement, we'll remove any Clash-specific rewards and render the account ineligible for future Clash tournaments. Your teammates' rewards may also be revoked if we find that your team won due to a team mismatch caused by smurfing.

I've added my phone number to the wrong account!

Unfortunately, we can't help you with this. You'll have to unlink your phone number and wait six months to use the number again.

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