Disruptive Behavior Repair

While we do punish leavers, chat-abusers, and other Ranked ruiners to discourage would-be repeat offenders, we also want to offer players who might've been negatively impacted by this behavior something more immediate. That's why as of Patch 14.9, we will also be increasing the types of compensation affected players might receive when their match falls victim to a verified leaver or feeder.

Compensation for Affected Players

Game Mode Compensation
Draft Pick
  • Autofill Protection (Draft Pick)
Quick Play

Level 1–10

  • Double XP Boost (5 games)

Level 10+

  • Autofill Protection (Draft Pick)
Ranked Solo/Duo
Ranked Flex
  • Used Rerolls refunded

Note that many of these forms of compensation do not stack, and some of them are only available on a cooldown to prevent further and deliberate abuse. Additionally, compensation will only come once the violation is confirmed—it will rarely be given immediately after a game.

What kind of behavior does this include?

Consolation is mostly given for games in which your teammates were verified to have gone afk/left the game or been feeding intentionally.

How do I get my compensation?

If you meet the checks listed above (bad behavior is verified and compensation isn't on cooldown), you'll automatically be compensated directly in-client.

I had a leaver in my game, why didn't I get compensation?

Just like there are a few things that trigger consolations, there are just as many reasons you may not get anything. Maybe we weren't able to fully verify the disruptive player on your team's behavior, or perhaps you recently received consolation for a similar situation without realizing it. Whatever the case, we ask for your patience while we fine tune things.

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