Universe FAQ

What's Universe?

Universe is your go-to for the living stories of Runeterra and its inhabitants. You’ll find canon work, including champion bios, videos and short stories, all organized by character and location. You’ll also find more meta stuff like concept art and dev blogs. If it relates to Runeterra and storytelling, you’ll find it here.


What content won't I find here?

If it’s not canon, it’s not here. That means alternate content like PROJECT and the Star Guardians won’t be included in Universe.


How often will Universe be updated?

We’ll regularly publish new event-related content, like the Bilgewater saga “Burning Tides,” as it comes out. One of the goals of Universe is to build a platform that allows us to regularly release content that’s not specifically related to events or launches. We’ll be getting into a rhythm during beta, so bear with us!


Why does Universe need a beta test?

Universe is huge, and you’ll be navigating a ton of collected content. We want to spend the beta to iterate on Universe’s design and make sure it’s easy and fun to discover stories, relationships, and related content. As we improve the design of the site, we’ll need your feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.


How do I share feedback?

Head here and click "submit feedback" to share your thoughts!


What devices does Universe support?

Universe supports IE10, 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers, and is responsive on mobile, tablet, and desktop resolutions. If you have any issues, let us know which device or browser you were using when you submit feedback!

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