Updated Client - Known Issues

Before we dig in: if you encounter any issues in the updated client, your first step should be to restart the client. This should take care of most problems.

I don't see my issue on this list!

If you encounter an issue that’s not listed here, please use the bug icon that’s at the bottom of your friends list. These reports go directly to the team working on the updated client and help us track down and eliminate bugs much more quickly. Thanks for your help!

How do I submit logs for the updated client?

Download and run the Hextech Repair Tool and turn on "Gather System & LoL Logs". This will compact all the necessary logs into a zipped file. Submit your logs by creating a ticket, and let us know the details about where your performance is suffering the most.

Note: You will need to be signed in to submit this ticket!

The game keeps crashing after reinstalling the updated client.

If you uninstall or reinstall the updated client, you may experience more frequent crashes. The updated client shares files with the legacy client, so if you uninstall one it will affect the other.

To help prevent future crashes, uninstall all League of Legends files from your computer and start a fresh install.

I received the following error: "LCU has encountered a problem. Please re-install League alpha client to try again."

Follow these steps to resolve this error:

  • Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\ and delete LeagueClient.exe
  • Run lol.launcher.exe
  • Open settings and click Full Repair

Honor is missing from my profile/champion select screen

There’s currently an issue which can prevent honor badges from appearing in your profile and during champion select. Honor is still being counted, and any badges you have should still appear in the loading screen and the end-of-game screen.

The updated client is not captured when I stream

The updated client is rendered differently from the legacy client on most graphics cards, so it may not show up on all streaming software depending on your settings. If your streaming software is configured using Game Capture settings, change your settings to Window Capture or Desktop Capture depending on which works best for you. Also make sure you’re using the correct streaming software version for your computer, as compatibility issues may prevent the client from being captured correctly.

If you prefer not to change your settings, the game will still capture correctly when it launches; this issue is contained to the updated client.

The XP boost I purchased is not appearing on my account

This is just a visual bug--restart the client and you'll see it on your profile!

After I close League, the LeagueClient.exe is still running and takes a while before it terminates. If I try to open the game again I get the message "Another instance is running"

We’re aware of an issue that causes LeagueClient.exe from terminating properly upon exiting the game. If you experience this, going to your task manager by CTRL+ALT+DELETE and manually closing the LeagueClient.exe process should fix this issue.

My computer is a lower-end machine, and the updated client is running really slowly!

Our top priority is performance. Currently we’re seeing worse than normal performance on low-end machines running the updated client. We will continue to optimize the client to ensure players who are able to run the legacy client smoothly are able to do so in the updated client as well.

There are a few things you can do to improve performance:

  • Make sure you're using up-to-date drivers for your video card.
  • Under Client / General, use the "Restore Defaults" button to ensure the client is running at the default size. Both larger and smaller resolutions may impact performance.
  • Turn on low-spec mode. You can turn it on from the client settings by clicking the cog icon at the top right of your screen.
  • The "Close Client During Game" feature may make your game run faster, but you'll spend more time loading the end-of-game screen.
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