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If you're on Windows, make sure to right-click and Run as administrator once you’ve downloaded and installed the tool.

The Hextech Repair Tool represents the latest in Player Support’s techmaturgical advances. Patch up your PC or mollify your Mac with simple fixes to some of League’s most pervasive tech issues. Features include:

  • Easy reinstallation or repatch
  • Firewall management
  • Restores the health of nearby turrets (not guaranteed)
  • Displays known issues in your region
  • And more!

Putting the HRT on your computer is the best first step to resolving technical problems. And if you’re still seeing issues after deploying this pint-sized problem-solver, it can automagically gather your system information and LoL logs into a .zip folder (Windows only right now). Then send us a ticket with this information:

  • Brief description of the problem you're running into
  • Solutions you tried with the Hextech Repair Tool
  • Attach the .zip folder created by the tool (if you're on a Mac, you can learn how to grab your logs here)

Armed with your logs, a support agent can unsnarl tech issues too complex for the HRT to handle (for now). Logs help us tell the difference between lag caused by a melting video card or an irascible ISP.

The repair tool’s log-gathering feature collects basic information about your computer’s hardware. You can run the tool without gathering logs, and no information about your computer will be collected.
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