Quickplay Mode Guide

What is Quickplay?

Quickplay is a new game mode on Summoner's Rift that's replacing Blind Pick. It allows you to pre-pick up to two champions/positions, so you can queue with 100% confidence that you'll play who you want, where you want.

Why is Quickplay replacing Blind Pick?

The short version: We wanted to create a mode that was better-suited for new players and made it easier for you to pick a certain champion in a certain lane without all the extra hurdles of Champ Select.

The long (informative!) version.

Preparing for Quickplay

Unlike other game modes, your champion/position selection happens before you enter the queue. This way you're guaranteed to always get one of the two champs you pick, and you'll never be forced outside of your top two positions. Once you've picked your champions, don't forget to customize their Runes, Spells, and skin. 

In order to get Quickplay into your hands… well, quickly, we had to delay a few features—including Chromas. But don't worry! They'll be available soon enough in a future update.

There are a few rules in place that vary slightly depending on how many friends you queue up with:

Solo Rules

  • 2 unique champions
  • 2 unique positions (minimum 1 priority)

"Priority" positions are dynamically chosen based on which positions need more players throughout the server. In the example below, there are already too many players vying for middle and bottom, so you'd have to swap one pick to a lesser-chosen position in order to enter the queue.


2–4 Player Party Rules

  • All solo rules apply to each player
  • Minimum of 1 unique champion per player across the party
  • Primary slot selections must be unique across the party (champion and position)

5 Player Party Rules

  • 1 unique champion per player across the party
  • 1 unique position per player across the party

You can all run it down mid together once the game has begun, but you'll all have to lock in a single unique champion for a single unique position before joining up.

Because One-for-All is a totally different game mode.

Other Differences

Once the game starts, the differences between Quickplay and any other game mode are minimal.

  • You'll get visual indicators of your assigned lane when the match starts
  • Surrender votes are available starting at 10 minutes (4-out-of-5 players required, reduced to 3-out-of-5 at 15 minutes)
  • Like Blind Pick before, there's a chance of the same champion(s) being on both teams

Besides those small differences, it's just like any other Summoner's Rift match.

When is Quickplay mode coming out?

Quickplay is already available on the PBE and will have a staggered release to live service starting Patch 13.22.

Quickplay Matchmaking

At its heart, Quickplay is just the evolved version of Blind Pick—which is why it'll use the same MMR you had for Blind Pick.

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