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Tournament Eligibility

Any player with an active League of Legends account with the minimum level requirement (30) that is not currently banned will be eligible to compete in any official tournaments.


Individuals specifically prohibited from participation by Riot Games, or anyone prohibited by:

  • the local laws
  • the tournament organizer rules
  • the venue management
  • an Adjudicator for that tournament

Additionally, tournament officials cannot participate in events they are officiating.


Residential Eligibility

Some tournaments might be restricted to players who are from, or are a resident in specific countries.

In order to be eligible for a residential-restricted event a player must be either:

  • A citizen of that country and able to provide a valid ID/passport
  • A continuous resident of that country and able to provide any scholastic enrolment, long-term employment contract or signed lease
  • Have been a temporary resident in that country for at least 90 continuous days, including the event start date

Adjudicators will conduct a residency check at a given point during each tournament. Any team found to be playing with a player who doesn’t fulfill the residency requirements will be disqualified for the duration of the tournament, regardless of how many games they have played thus-far.


Age Restriction

Tournaments are open to any summoners aged 18 or over with no specific requirements.

Summoners aged 16 or 17 who wish to enter a tournament may be required to have a parental consent form signed before the start date of the tournament. That document will be checked along with the player’s passport during the tournament.

It is the captain’s responsibility to verify that every member of his team (main or substitute) is eligible, within the age restriction (16+) and in possession of all the required documents (proof of residence for the tournament and, in case of minors, signed parental consent form).

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