RTP - Guide for Team Captains

Guide for Team Captains

Guide for Team Captains

Captain’s responsibilities

A team’s captain will be responsible for handling all the communication between their team, the adjudicators (online referees), the admins and the captains of the opposing teams they face during the tournament process. They are also responsible for providing their team with information about the tournament schedule and making sure they are ready to compete at scheduled match times.

Signing up a team to a tournament

Once a team has been created and all members of the roster have been added, the team captain should find the tournament they want to compete on the list and click “Join”. Provided the team meets whatever eligibility requirements apply, it will be promptly enrolled in the tournament.


For the duration of the tournament, captains will receive email updates with useful tournament information. They will be informed when registration is scheduled to close, when the first round will be played, the Tournament Code (TC) that will be required to enter each Custom game of the tournament and the in-client chat room that will be used to get in touch with the adjudicators. If tournament emails are not arriving, captains may want to check their spam folder just in case they’ve been mistakenly flagged.

The start of the tournament

Following the registration phase, the admin ensures everything is ready for the start of the tournament. When the bracket is published, an email will be circulated with all relevant information.

The email in question will typically provide the following information:

  • The name of the opposing team
  • The date/time by which the game must start
  • The Tournament Code to be used to join the custom game for this round
  • A chat-room name where you can get in touch with the adjudicators (please keep in mind that adjudicators will only be available for a limited amount of time before and after the default date/time communicated in the email)
Note: A number of teams may receive an email assigning a bye.

Bracket procedure

All games must be played with the Tournament Code provided. Once you are in the game lobby, you can do the following:

  • Teammates can locate their Tournament Code through the “My Matches” section on the tournament platform
  • Manually invite teammates to the game lobby

If for any reason the game cannot be played earlier, we expect both teams to be ready to play 10 minutes prior to the time communicated via email. Once the game’s scheduled time arrives, we allow 10 minutes to start the draft.

Pro Tip: Do not enter the custom game’s lobby too early. The lobby might expire and your team would have to re-join.

Communication with tournament admins and adjudicators

Each group is assigned a chat room for each round that can be accessed through the client. Admins and adjudicators will be available to solve any potential issues for a brief window before and after each scheduled tournament game.

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