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What's this app for?

This app is to show you what's happening at PAX East and guide you there. You can also use to app to complete quests throughout the day, friend others using the app, share pictures with the community, and even be entered into lottery drawings for SWAG based on your completed quests!

Does it cost anything?

It’s free!

Where can I get the app?

Using Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) you can search for 'League Minimap’ to download the app.

How can I complete quests?

  • Click your summoner icon to see the list of quests.

  • Tap a quest to answer it or submit a photo for it.

How can I add friends?

Click the poro icon to go to the friend page. You can only add friends who are also using League Minimap.

How can I nominate a photo to feature on the feed?

Tap the photo icon and select or take a photo. Then tap the community feed toggle on, and if applicable, select a quest to submit the photo for.

How do I get swag?

Allow push notifications for the app, and complete the quests while the swag desk is open and you’ll be entered to win a prize. There are also other opportunities for SWAG throughout the Riot PAX experiences. If you win, make sure to come and get it within 2 hours (and before the closing of the event for the day).

What’s the wristband icon for?

At PAX we are giving out wristbands to use during the Riftwalk. The wristband gives us a seamless way for us to give you photos we take of you during the RiftWalk photo ops. Tap the icon to register your wristband to an email so you can get the photos.

How can I view the Riot map and schedule?

Tap the calendar icon to see the Riot map and schedule at PAX East.

Who are the bios linked to from the home page for?

We have a huge community of awesome content creators and wanted to feature a few that you guys can get to know better at PAX East!

Why no Windows Phone?

We feel for the Windows phone users, but we want to make the most value for the most players and in NA and right now building for iOS and Android is the best bang for the buck value-wise.

What regions is this for?

Players from all regions can log in to the app, but the app will only be available in NA for PAX East.

What languages does the app support?

English only, sorry!

Can I use the app if I’m not at PAX East?

Yes! Check out the feed, even submit photos, and add friends too. If you are not at PAX East, though, you will not be able to receive swag or participate in the Scavenger Hunt.

Community Help and Support links

Chat with the community about the application here: NA

What operating systems are supported?

iOS 7 or newer or Android 4.1 or newer. No Blackberry or Windows phones, sorry!

The application feels sluggish, what do I do?

It’s tough to get good service at conventions, so we are providing wifi at and near the Riftwalk. You can fill in your quests and submit your photos over there, and otherwise keep trying or talk to a Rioter at PAX.

The application crashed, what do I do?

Report it in the boards post here: NA. Also try quitting the app and opening it again.

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