Missing In-Game Chat Window

The chat window should appear when you press Enter. If it doesn't, it means the window has been moved out of view. This can happen if you accidentally click and drag the window, or if you recently played on a very high resolution.

The simple fix is to reset your settings, which will set all settings to default. If you’d prefer to keep your settings, there’s a more complex solution at the bottom of this article. Here’s how to reset your settings:

    1. Log into League of Legends
    2. Go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config
    3. Delete “PersistedSettings.json” and “input.ini”
    4. Start a custom game
    5. Play for a minute or two, then exit the game
    6. Log out

This should create a new config setup and allow you to see your chat window again.

If you’d prefer not to delete and reconfigure your settings, follow these steps to target your chat window specifically:

        1. Open C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config\PersistedSettings.json
        2. Find the Chat section, which should look like this:
          "name": "Chat",
          "name": "ChatX",
          "value": "0"
          "name": "ChatY",
          "value": "0"
          "name": "Transparency",
          "value": "0.0000"
        3. Change the "value" field under "ChatX" and "ChatY" to 0 to reset the location.

LoL will create a configuration file in the "hud" folder with your settings. Navigate into this folder and make sure that the file has been created. It should be named after your resolution, and you should be able to open it with Notepad or another text editor.

If you've followed these steps and you still can't see your chat window, please send us a ticket and we'll investigate further.

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