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During a suspiciously-long loading screen, there's more time than you might like to think about how you're gonna pull off this 4v5, or how you're going to make the most of the next twenty minutes by practicing last hitting. /Remake balances the playing field by offering a third option: vote to end the game early and honorably, with no penalty to anyone but the inactive player (and, in high-level competitive play, their premade).

/Remake is available in normal and ranked Summoner's Rift, Howling Abyss, and rotating game modes, but not in bot matches.

How to /Remake

Starting with patch 12.21 on November 2, 2022, the /remake feature will function as follows:

In-Game Time /Remake Status
0:00–1:30 Player activity/connection is monitored, but /remake is unavailable.
1:30–3:00 /remake unlocks if a player is determined to be disconnected or inactive for at least 90 seconds. If this occurs close to the 3-minute mark, their team will be given a minimum of 30 seconds to type /remake (e.g. If a player hits 90 seconds of inactivity at 2:45, their team will have until 3:15 to type /remake.)
3:00–End of Game /remake is no longer available, but any /remakes initiated before 3:00 will be given at least 30 seconds to conclude.

Outside of this timeline, but there are a few other rules that may determine the success of a /remake vote, or even its availability:

  • If a player AFKs/disconnects after their team gives up First Blood, their team will be unable to /remake.
  • /remake votes can only be initiated once. Make it count!
  • In a 4v5, at least two players must vote "yes" for the game to end. In a 3v5 or lower, a single player can make the call.

Once the vote passes, the game ends. You'll neither gain nor lose LP/BE/XP, and you won't see a win or loss on your record—only the inactive players (and Diamond IV and above players in their premade) are punished.

Additionally, a game that goes through a /remake will not count for any features that require a player to reach a number of completed games. This includes low priority queue, unlocking icons or other content, and more.


If you're the inactive player in a match, you'll receive the following penalties:

  • A loss on your record; if you were in a promo series, you'll lose one game towards it.
  • LP loss, just as though you'd lost the match.
  • Your account will be flagged by LeaverBuster, the same way as if you'd disconnected from a normal match.
  • For Diamond IV and above, if someone in your premade is the cause of a /remake, you'll take the same penalties they do.


What happens after a /remake vote is successful?

The game ends with both Nexuses safe and sound. All players enter the end-game lobby and are free to play again. Disconnected players are penalized by LeaverBuster and incur a loss; the rest go on penalty-free.

Isn't the plural of Nexus Nexi?

No. It's like octopuses.

Do executions affect /remake?

Executions won't stop a /remake, only a PvP kill will. Still, walk toward the enemy towers at your own risk.

What if a player disconnects shortly after the game begins?

As long as the player is disconnected for 90 consecutive seconds, and remains disconnected up to 3:00, /remake will be an option. So, /remake is available if a player disconnects at 1:00, but not if they disconnect at 2:00.

What happens if a player dies during the /remake vote?

Deaths after 3:00 won't affect /remake eligibility; once you're offered the option to /remake, you're free to duel that Yasuo until the game ends. Just make sure you vote!

As a Diamond IV player, if I'm playing with a Plat player who disconnects, will I lose LP if a /remake vote goes through?

Yes. Diamond IV players and above queued with a disconnected player will incur a loss from /remake, regardless of that player's division. Diamond players outside of a premade will not take a loss.

As a Plat player, if I'm playing with a Diamond player who disconnects, will I be subject to a penalty?

No. Even if you're queued with a Diamond player, you'll only incur a loss if you're also Diamond or above.

Do the Diamond rules apply to normal games?

No, you can /remake without penalty in normal games if someone in your premade disconnects. Note that if you're the inactive player, you'll still receive normal penalties—the game will count as a loss, and you'll be flagged by LeaverBuster.

Can multiple players be punished in a single game, even when not premade?

Yes. If there are multiple inactive players (premade or not), they will all receive the penalties for /remake. This includes players who decided to AFK while waiting for /remake to appear. It's highly advised you remain active even if you know or think a player is not going to connect, or you risk receiving the penalties also!

If I do not move from base after my team votes to remake, can I get a penalty too?

Yes - Make sure you’re moving around even if your team decides to remake. If you stand idle the system will detect you as AFK and you may face penalties as well.

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