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As of December 1, you will be able to use your League of Legends account to log in to the Riot Games’ support site. You need to be logged into your League of Legends account with a verified email in order to submit a ticket.

This change has been made to ensure accurate account information and security. We'll also be able to investigate your issues faster.




What do I do if my account is hacked?

Select "I need help recovering my account" from the Submit a Request page. This will open up a request with us to help you retrieve your account.


How do I verify the email address on my account?

Visit the following page to verify your email: NA | EUW | EUNE | OCE

If you are unable to successfully verify your email, follow the steps on our Email Verification FAQ.

Remember to check your spam/junk folder for the verification email.


If I’m banned, can I still log in?



I have received unauthorized charges but I don’t have an account

Select "I have received unauthorized charges from Riot Games/League of Legends" from the Submit a Request page.


I have a question about Riot Games, but I don't have an account

We've put together a contact list here.




I have a ticket currently open, how do I access it?

Try the following options:

  • Log into the support site and click on [view open requests]
  • If your email is not verified, do so here: NA | EUW | EUNE | OCE
  • Respond to the ticket using the email address you initially used to submit it


Why can’t I access my old tickets?

No tickets are being deleted with this change, and there are several ways you can still access or reference them.

  • Check the email you used to submit the tickets. Updates made to all of your tickets will have been sent to your email inbox.
  • Change the email on your LoL account to the email you used to submit your old tickets and validate it.


What’s happening to my old tickets?

Any tickets submitted from a support account with the same email that’s validated on your League of Legends account will appear under My Tickets. You can also respond to open tickets using the e-mail you originally used to submit the ticket.

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