Changing Your Riot ID

As part of the plan to transition away from Summoner Names in League of Legends, we're implementing some changes on how changing Riot ID changes work.

How do I change my Riot ID?

The process for changing your Riot ID is the same regardless of what games you play:

  1. Go to your Riot Account page
  2. Change your Riot ID and tag however you like
  3. Click Save Changes

If you play League or TFT PC, you'll also be able to change your Riot ID in-client:

  1. Enter the Shopshop.png
  2. Click the Account buttonaccount.png
  3. Select the Riot ID Change offer
  4. Follow the popup to
  5. Enter your new Riot ID

On November 20, 2023, all players will be given a free Riot ID change regardless of how recently their last change may have been. After that, it will take 90 days from your last free Riot ID change before it's available again.

There is, however, one exception: if you already changed your Riot ID in the last 90 days but are experiencing harassment or other negative effects due to your Riot ID, submit a ticket to Player Support and we'll get you sorted.

No Paid Riot ID Changes

There's no way to alter your Riot ID outside of the free change listed above. For more details on why we made this decision and what it means for you, check out our article on Reworking the Riot ID Transition Plan.

What Is a Riot ID?

The Riot ID is your universal ID used across all Riot games. Each Riot ID is tied to a single email, and changing it will change how you appear in-game everywhere. If you have multiple accounts and decide you want to change your Riot ID, make sure you're on the correct account first!

There are a few special rules governing what you can and cannot include in your Riot ID, which is divided into two parts. For this example, if your Riot ID is "EarlGreyTeemo#sip," then your Game Name is "EarlGreyTeemo," and your tagline is "#sip".

Game Names must be 3–16 alphanumeric characters long and cannot be offensive or inappropriate

Finally, your Game Name does not have to be unique. So long as your Riot ID as a whole isn't taken, you can have any Game Name you like.

Taglines must be 3–5 alphanumeric characters long. They'll start with a region code by default, but once you've changed them, you cannot go back to using any region code. That means the following taglines will not be available when changing your Riot ID: BR, LAS, LAN, OCE, NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, RU, KR, JP, PBE, BR1, LA1, LA2, OC1, and NA1.

If you try to use these codes, you may receive a "this Riot ID is already in use" error message. In that case, change your tagline and try again.

Your tagline also cannot be offensive or inappropriate.

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