Phishing: Don't take the bait

Officer Caitlin saying when it comes to phishing, don't take the bait

Although identity theft is one of the oldest crimes on the Internet, there are still people who don't know how it works. It's as simple as someone sending you a false message that draws your attention and using it to steal your data without you knowing it.

Applied to the League, this is often the case with websites that promise free RP. The recipient, tempted by the chance of getting that skin they love, decides to reveal their personal information and ends up losing their account. In some cases, the scammer pretends to be a Riot employee and approaches players with messages such as "I work at Riot and we have detected some issues in your account. We need your info in order to fix them." or "I work for Riot. Since you are such a nice player, we've decided to give you some RP. In order to do so, we need your credentials".

Under no circumstance will any Riot staff member  ever request your information or contact you directly through the client, the game or a social network. If Riot wishes to contact you, it will send a message to the email address you linked to your game account when registering.


Be careful with your account and protect your information! Here are some tips to avoid falling for these scams:

  • Don't give your password to anyone. This way you'll be certain that you aren't being scammed.
  • Don't give your username or password on websites that request this information in exchange for free skins or RP.
  • Always be extremely cautious. And if someone offers you RP, contact Player Support.
  • Activate a phishing filter on your computer. This way you will be notified when you try to access a site that has been reported for these practices.
  • Don't buy RP on websites that offer low-cost packages.
  • Always remember that the only official way to purchase RP is through the in game store or with the pre-paid cards sold at stores and cybercafes.


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