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Champion Mastery Rework

The new Champion Mastery system outlined below won't be fully enabled until the official start of Season 2024 Split 2 on May 15, 2024 at noon, local server time. While you can earn Mastery XP after Patch 14.10, you won't get Marks of Mastery or make progress in Milestone Rewards until the season truly begins about 8–10 hours later.

Additionally, Champion Shards are no longer part of the Mastery system. They can only be disenchanted into Essence or upgraded into a permanent champion, so disenchant/upgrade away!

What is Champion Mastery?

Champion Mastery is a reflection of your investment in and skill with individual champions. Increasing your Mastery Level is as simple as playing often and playing well, and you even earn a bevy of awards along the way—including the much-coveted Champion Mastery Emote.

What happened to my old Mastery Score?

If you've already made your Mastery Millions on a single champion in our previous Mastery system (before Patch 14.10), don't worry: your old Mastery Score was automagically converted into Mastery XP, along with Marks of Mastery proportional to your achievement.

Unlocking Champion Mastery

Unlocking Mastery Levels takes Mastery Points for your first four Mastery Levels, after which you also need Marks of Mastery to progress to Mastery Level 5 and beyond.

Your Mastery Level persists between Seasons and Splits.

Mastery Level Requirements
1 None
2 1,800 Mastery Points
3 4,200 Mastery Points
4 6,600 Mastery Points
5 9,000 Mastery Points
1 Mark of Mastery
6 10,000 Mastery Points
1 Mark of Mastery
7–9 11,000 Mastery Points
1 Mark of Mastery
(Champ Title Permanently Unlocked)
11,000 Mastery Points
2 Marks of Mastery

Any champion you haven't played before starts at Mastery Level 0 with no Mastery Points, while champs you have played before Patch 14.10 start at a Mastery Level and Marks of Mastery roughly proportional to their old Mastery Score.

Your Mastery Level progress tracks even with champions you don't own, making ARAMs an even better place to give unplayed champs a test drive.

Mastery Points (MP)

You earn Mastery Points for whatever champion you played every time you complete a matchmade game. Points are based on your performance, your team's performance, the length of the game, whether you win or lose, and a few other factors. You can see exactly how much you've earned in the post-game Progression screen.

Although Mastery is ultimately an individual journey, you earn slightly more MP if you're playing as a premade group. The more friends on your team, the higher the bonus:

Premade Size Premade Bonus
1 None
2 +2% MP
3 +4% MP
4 +6% MP
5 +10% MP

Season Split Milestones

Every champion gets a set of season split milestones to celebrate your fresh awesomeness and provide Marks of Mastery to ascend to Mastery Level 5 and beyond. As the name suggests, these milestones reset every split.

Milestone Grades Required Rewards
1 1x B- Grade and up
4x C- and up
1x Mark of Mastery
1x Mastery Chest (6 max per split)*
2 1x A- Grade and up
4x C- and up
1x Mark of Mastery
3 1x S- Grade and up
4x C- and up
2x Marks of Mastery
1x Mastery Chest (25 max per split)*
4 1x S- Grade and up
4x C- and up
2x Marks of Mastery
Crest Highlighting (VFX when Mastery emote is used in-game)
5+ 7x S- Grades and up

1 Mark of Mastery

Marks of Mastery

Marks of Mastery are required to ascend to Mastery Level 5+. You earn them by playing well to score high grades, which are required to progress through the Split Milestone reward track above.

If you reach the Mastery Points needed for a certain Mastery Level but haven't earned the required Mark(s) of Mastery yet, you continue to gain Mastery Points—you just won't be able to level up until you get the Mark(s) of Mastery, too.


At the end of every game, you are graded based on your overall performance in the role, the champion you're playing, and—crucially—where you're playing them. For example, an Annie going mid has a different definition of success than an Annie going support. 

Ultimately, your grade is based on how you did in a series of performance metrics compared to all other players in your region in that specific champion/position combination. This is percentile-driven; earning a high score means you performed in the top x% of players in that champion/position combination.

The possible grades you can achieve are (in descending order):

S+, S, S-, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-

Split Mastery Sets

At the beginning of each Split, you get a Split Mastery Set with 10 champions picked specifically for you. These champions are displayed at the top of the Collection > Champions tab, and they include:

  • Three of your most-played champions, both recently and throughout the lifetime of your account
  • Four champions related to the new Split that match your preferred classes (marksman, fighter, mage, etc.)
  • Three champions that have play styles similar to some of your favorites

Completing split milestones with these champions helps you progress down the Set rewards track, unlocking a special Superior Mastery Chest and additional Blue Essence rewards. 

To see how much time you have to complete your Split Set, hover over the Split icon in the Ranked screen.

Eligible Game Modes

You can earn Mastery Points in all matchmaking queues: Summoner's Rift normal (Quickplay/Draft), ranked queues, ARAM, and all rotating game modes—except for Arena

However! Split Milestones can only be achieved in modes where you earn grades, like Summoner's Rift normal/Ranked and ARAM.

Mastery Rewards

Superior Mastery Chests

The Superior Mastery Chests contain the same loot as a Masterwork Chest, but does not count towards the Masterwork Milestone rewards. They are unlocked by hitting certain Milestones in the Seasonal Mastery Sets.

Mastery Crest

Mastery Crests are the graphical representation of your mastery on any given champion. From Mastery Level 1–10, they evolve as your skills do, increasing in complexity and luster. Once you hit 11+, the image is complemented by the number of your actual Mastery Level.

The Mastery Crest appears in a lot of places: Next to your champions in your Collection, on your player card before a match and through your…

Mastery Emote

…which you can flash in-game at Mastery Level 4+ by hitting Ctrl-6 (or typing /masterybadge in chat, if you're old-school). 

You earned every point of that level, so flex it with pride—even when you're gray screened.

Loading Screen Banner

At Mastery Level 4+, your Mastery Level appears on your Loading Screen banner to friends and foes alike. 

Multi-Kill Announcement Banner

A banner appears under your in-game multi-kill announcement if you've hit Mastery Level 4+ on the champion you're currently playing, though for now it only shows Mastery Levels 4–10 without indicating additional levels. Additionally, multi-kills are being divided into three tiers for simplicity's sake: Level 4, Levels 5–9, and Level 10+.

Your Pentakill will make a whole lot more sense when they see the perpetrator is a Mastery Level 666 Teemo.

Death Recap

You may not completely understand how you died in 1.52 seconds, but the Death Recap at least gives you a hint by displaying the Mastery Level of the responsible parties—provided they're Mastery Level 4+, that is.

As with the multi-kill banner, Mastery Levels 10+ does not include the additional level information for now.

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