Ranked FAQ - League of Legends

Welcome to the League of Leagues Ranked hub, where you can learn anything and everything about climbing the Ranked ladder! We've listed a few common questions you can find the answers to in the links above, but feel free to dive right in if you know your destination.

Tiers, Divisions, and Queues

What's the difference between Solo/Duo queue and Flex queue? Why can't my friend join my Ranked party? What's up with divisions, anyway? Learn the answer to all these questions and more.

Apex Tiers (Master, Grandmaster, Challenger)

How do ranks work at the top tiers? What percentage of players actually reach Master and above? How many Challenger players are there? Are there any special rules for apex players? Explore a comprehensive guide on what life's like at the top of the ladder.

MMR, Rank, and LP

What's my MMR? How do I improve my MMR? What's the relationship between my rank and my MMR? Why has the amount of LP I gain per win changed? Take a behind-the-scenes look at the numbers that inform your Ranked experience.

Matchmaking and Autofill

How does matchmaking work? Can I avoid getting autofilled? What goes into determining the wait time for a match? How do you determine what a "fair" match is? Why am I matched against such challenging players? See what factors go into ensuring every Ranked match you play is as fair as possible.

Placements, Promos, Demotions, and Decay

How do placements work? Why did I place lower than I started last season? What's decay, and should I be worried about it? Am I about to get demoted? Discover what's at stake in Ranked's most pivotal matches.

Seasons, Splits, and End-of-Season Rewards

How do splits work? What kind of rewards can I earn in Ranked? What happens to my MMR if I play Ranked matches during the preseason? Prepare yourself for what comes next in this year's ranked season.

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