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We know how jarring it can be to have your favorite champion changed out of nowhere, so we do our best to keep players updated on any updates (yo dawg, we heard you like updates...and really old memes). Sometimes that means inviting you to vote on the next update, or sharing our progress through a dev blog...

Or by listing upcoming updates on this page!



The King of the Jungle is coming reclaim his crown... The Udyr overhaul is on track for release in 2022, with everything from his abilities to his choice of fashion under scrutiny. See the latest—and what’s next—for our favorite shaman here.

Past Updates

Updates might seem like a dramatic change, but the truth is we've been doing them as long as League's been around. Don't believe us? Just click Details below for a complete list of past updates!

Date Champion Type of Update
6/23/2021 Tahm Kench Gameplay
6/9/2021 Dr. Mundo VFX and Gameplay
5/12/2021 Kog'Maw VFX
4/14/2021 Rammus VFX and Gameplay
3/3/2021 Hecarim VFX
11/24/2020 Kha'Zix VFX
9/2/2020 Viktor VFX
9/2/2020 Nocturne VFX
9/2/2020 Malzahar VFX
7/22/2020 Udyr VFX
7/22/2020 Ahri VFX
6/24/2020 Singed VFX
5/28/2020 Volibear VFX and Gameplay
5/28/2020 Cassiopeia VFX
4/1/2020 Fiddlesticks VFX and Gameplay
3/18/2020 Wukong Gameplay
2/5/2020 Nautilus VFX
2/5/2020 Malphite SFX
2/5/2020 Annie VFX
1/8/2020 Thresh VFX
21/11/2019 Diana VFX and Gameplay
12/11/2019 Lux VFX
8/16/2019 Pantheon VFX and Gameplay
6/11/2019 Mordekaiser VFX and Gameplay
3/6/2019 Kayle & Morgana VFX and Gameplay
10/9/2018 Ezreal VFX and Gameplay
9/28/2018 Nunu & Willump VFX and Gameplay
7/31/2018 Akali VFX and Gameplay
6/27/2018 Aatrox VFX and Gameplay
4/4/2018 Irelia VFX and Gameplay
2/7/2018 Swain VFX and Gameplay
10/10/2017 Evelynn VFX and Gameplay
9/26/2017 Xin Zhao Gameplay
7/26/2017 Urgot VFX and Gameplay
5/3/2017 Many Champs Tank Update
3/21/2017 Galio VFX and Gameplay
1/25/2017 Warwick VFX and Gameplay
11/10/2016 Many Champs Assassin Update
9/8/2016 Yorick VFX and Gameplay
7/13/2016 Ryze VFX and Gameplay
5/4/2016 Many Champs Mage Update
4/19/2016 Taric VFX and Gameplay
1/28/2016 Shen Gameplay
12/10/2015 Poppy VFX and Gameplay
11/10/2015 Many Champs Marksman Update
8/26/15 Darius Gameplay
8/26/15 Garen Gameplay
8/26/15 Mordekaiser Gameplay
8/26/15 Skarner Gameplay
8/5/15 Fiora VFX and Gameplay
7/21/15 Gangplank VFX and Gameplay
7/21/15 Miss Fortune VFX and Gameplay
4/29/15 Ryze Gameplay
4/8/2015 Morgana Effects Update
03/12/2015 Kassadin VFX
02/25/2015 Zilean Gameplay
01/28/2015 Tristana VFX and Gameplay
01/14/2015 Alistar VFX
11/20/2014 Maokai VFX
09/23/2014 Sion VFX and Gameplay
09/09/2014 Soraka VFX and Gameplay
09/09/2014 Viktor VFX and Gameplay
08/26/2014 Renekton VFX
08/26/2014 Cassiopeia Gameplay
07/30/2014 Sona Gameplay
06/18/2014 Nidalee Gameplay
06/04/2014 Karthus VFX
04/22/2014 Twitch VFX
04/02/2014 Rengar Gameplay
04/02/2014 Gragas Gameplay
03/18/2014 Kassadin Gameplay
03/18/2014 Heimerdinger VFX
02/11/2014 Xerath Gameplay
02/11/2014 Skarner Gameplay
12/13/2013 Anivia VFX
11/21/2013 Nasus VFX
10/30/2013 Heimerdinger Gameplay
10/30/2013 Rammus VFX
10/30/2013 Sivir VFX and Gameplay
10/01/2013 Garen VFX
10/01/2013 Olaf Gameplay
07/30/2013 Master Yi VFX and Gameplay
04/29/2013 Trundle VFX and Gameplay
04/29/2013 Sejuani VFX and Gameplay
03/27/2013 Karma VFX and Gameplay
01/31/2013 Annie VFX
12/13/2012 Nidalee VFX
10/16/2013 Twisted Fate VFX
09/24/2012 Soraka VFX
08/14/2012 Garen Gameplay
08/14/2012 Katarina VFX and Gameplay
07/18/2012 Evelynn Gameplay
07/18/2012 Twitch Gameplay
07/18/2012 Xin Zhao Gameplay
05/22/2012 Ashe VFX
01/16/2012 Jax Gameplay
11/28/2011 Sivir Gameplay
07/25/2011 Tryndamere VFX and Gameplay
07/25/2011 Janna VFX
07/25/2011 Kayle VFX
04/25/2011 Alistar Gameplay
04/25/2011 Fiddlesticks Gameplay
04/25/2011 Gangplank Gameplay
02/15/2011 Ryze Gameplay
11/01/2010 Mordekaiser Gameplay
06/07/2010 Kayle Gameplay


What are champion updates?

A champion update is a graphical or kit (gameplay) change that occurs after a champion's initial release. Standard patches are great for fine-tuning established champions, but when a greater adjustment is needed to bring a champ where we want them, it's time for an update!

Why do we have updates?

Gameplay teams routinely work to update champions whose visuals or gameplay don't fit with the current state of the game. Maybe those weird triangle feet haven't aged well, or that brutal point-and-click stun isn't leaving any room for counterplay or skill expression. When it comes to updates, anything from splash art to abilities are fair game for a change.

But that doesn't mean we're out to change the champion entirely! The goal is to level up any outdated visuals or gameplay to make them feel fresh while preserving what makes them unique. In a lot of ways, we just want to make champions more themselves!

What could be updated on a champion?

A champion update could change some or all of the following:

  • Abilities
  • In-Game Model
  • In-Game Audio
  • Voice Over (VO) Lines
  • Splash Art (this includes skins)
  • Lore

Most updates fall into the following categories:

Visual Update
  • In-Game Audio
  • In-Game Textures
  • In-Game Model
  • Lore
  • Splash Art
Gameplay Update
  • Ability Changes


Can I have a refund for an updated champion?

As mentioned above, we only update champions when their kit, lore, graphics, or all-of-the-above no longer pass the increasingly high bar set with each new champion release. But we also understand die-hard fans who love these champs just the way they are may not want to see any changes at all. That's why we do our best to honor the signature look and abilities that make each unique and exciting. It's also why we're trying to be more upfront and collaborative with our updates, with both our internal teams and players—so that hardcore mains can play a role in crafting their one-trick's new style. Given all these factors, we believe each new updated champion is a fair trade made in everybody's best interest, and therefore not subject to refunds beyond the normal rules governing purchases made within 14 days.

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